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10 Holy Temples In Mangalore To Be Explored In 2019

Mangalore, officially known as Mangaluru, is the chief port city of the Indian state of Karnataka. It is located west of the state capital, Bangalore, between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats mountain range. Mangalore itself is named after Hindu goddess Mangladevi. So it is safe to say that Mangalore is the capital of temples in south India. You can explore top temples in Mangalore and have the best spiritual experience during your visit to Mangalore.

Amongst all the temples of Mangalore, these 10 are the best ones, giving you a perfect spiritual experience. These Mangalore temples will accentuate your trip to India tenfolds. The Mangalore temples route map is easy to navigate, so it is safe to say you won’t get lost:

1. Shree Gokarnanatha Kshetra

Shree Gokarnanatha Kshetra

The Gokarnanatheshwara Temple is one of the best temples in Mangalore. It is located in the Kudroli area of Mangalore in Karnataka, India. It is dedicated to Gokarnanatha, a form of Lord Shiva. This temple was built in 1912. The Dasara festival is celebrated with much grandeur. The Dasara celebrations of this temple are popularly called Mangalore Dasara. It is the most famous festival celebrated in Gokarnanatheshwara Temple. Do plan a visit to this temple if you are staying in Mangalore with your family.

Location: Kudroli, Kodailbail, Mangaluru, Karnataka
Timing: 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Nearby Attraction: Mahatama Gandhi Museum, St. Aloysius Chapel, and City Center Mall

2. Kadri Sri Manjunatha Temple

Kadri Sri Manjunatha Temple

If you are looking for famous temples in Mangalore, then surely head to this stunning heritage place. The temple of Manjunatheshwara on the hills of Kadri is a very beautiful and popular temple in Mangalore. It was built during the 10th or 11th century. The bronze idol of Lokeshwar, about 5 feet high, is called as the oldest of the South Indian temples. Remove your footwear before entering the temple. Kadri Temple Mangalore is a sight to behold in real life. 

Location: Kadri, Mangalore
Timings: 12 PM – 9 PM
Nearby Attractions: Mangaladevi Temple, and Tannirbhavi Beach

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3. Mahathobara Shri Mangaladevi Temple

Mahathobara Shri Mangaladevi Temple

The Mangaladevi Temple is a Hindu temple at Bolara in the city of Mangalore in the South Indian state of Karnataka, situated about three km southwest of the city center. The temple is dedicated to Hindu god Shakti in the form of Mangaladevi. The city itself is named after the presiding deity Mangaladevi. This temple has huge significance among South Indian people and lures pilgrims from across the continent with its unique experience.

Address: Mangaladevi Road, Bolar, Mangaluru, Karnataka
Timings: 6 AM to 1 PM, 4 PM to 8:30 PM
Nearby Attractions: Milagres Church, and The Forum Fiza Mall

4. Kudroli Shree Bhagavathi Temple

Kudroli Shree Bhagavathi Temple

Kudroli temple Mangalore is a thousand years old temple located in the heart of the Mangalore city. It is most famous for its annual festivals which are held in the temple itself. Here is a list of annual festivals which are held in Shree Kshethra. Make sure to attend these festivals when you’re in the heart of Mangalore:

  • Chandika Homa
  • Nadavali Utsava
  • Vishu Kani
  • Siyala Abhisheka for Veera Sthambha
  • Karkataka Sankramana
  • Simha Sankaramanasss
  • Sona Thiri
  • Bramhashree Narayana Guru Jayanthi:
  • Navaratri Utsava

Address: Kudroli, Kodailbail, Mangaluru, Karnataka
Timings: 6 AM to 1 PM, 4 PM to 8:30 PM
Nearby Attractions: Milagres Church, and The Forum Fiza Mall

5. Shree Vishnumurthy Temple

Shree Vishnumurthy Temple

It is located in the town of Kulai near Surathkal about 15 km north of Mangalore. It is an ancient Vishnu shrine which has a statue estimated to be about 600 years old. The temple’s presiding deity is Shree Vishnumurthy who is another form of Lord Vishnu. This avatar is known to be the destroyer of everything that is evil. You will listen to numerous tales of Lord Vishnu and his incarnated forms at this temple. The temple is located at a serene destination giving you a perfect spiritual break!

Address: Honnakatte, Kulai, Mangaluru, Karnataka
Timings: 6 AM to 9:00 PM
Nearby Attractions: Shree Gokarnanatha Kshetra, Shree Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple, and Sultan Battery

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6. Shree Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple

 Shree Sharavu Mahaganapathi Temple

Located in the heart of the city, this temple is a must visit to have a calm and relaxing experience away from the chaos of the city. It has two shrines- one is for Lord Shiva and the other is for Lord Ganesha. It is considered one of the most popular temples in South India. The temple is visited by pilgrims during the ‘Shravan’ month of Hindu mythology. You can surely visit this temple in Mangalore with your family to explore the spiritual aspect of Southern India.

Address: Sharavu Ganapathi Temple Rd, Opp Ideal Towers, Hampankatta, Mangalore, Karnataka
Timings: 05:00 AM to 12:00 PM, 4:30 PM to 08:00 PM
Nearby Attractions: Sultan Battery

7. Shree Mariamma Temple

Shree Mariamma Templ

It is situated in Bolor, Mangalore and is approximately 5 km from Mangaladevi Temple. The main deity of this temple is Goddess Mariyamma. It is believed that Mariyamma and Mangaladevi were sisters. In the South, Mariyamma is also referred to as the goddess of wealth. Maari puja and Dasara are the important festivals celebrated there. An excursion to this mystic places located amidst the beautiful ambiance of Urwa will truly enthrall you.

Address: Urwa Marigudi Rd, Boloor, Urwa, Mangalore
Timings: 6 AM to 8:30 PM
Nearby Attractions: Sri Muthu Mariamman Temple, and Sri DeviKarumari Amman Dharma Sanstha

8. Sri Venkataramana Devasthana

Sri Venkataramana Devasthana

This temple is centrally located in Mangalore city. Lord Shree Veera Venkatesha is worshipped as the supreme deity, it was built more than 300 years ago. This temple is famous for its unique car festival which lasts for almost 5 days. It is an experience one should not missout on while vacationing in Mangalore. You will witness the locals getting their newly purchased vehicle here for the rituals. Alike other temples in Mangalore, this temple will also make you encounter something rare.

Address: Car Street, Hampankatta, Mangalore, Karnataka
Timings: 6 AM to 1 PM, 4 PM to 9 PM
Nearby Attractions: Gaanadapadpu Sri Venkataramana Devasthana

9. Shree Nandaneshwara Devasthana

Shree Nandaneshwara Devasthana

Shree Nandaneshwara Temple is one of the most popular and visited by devotees every day. It is located near the famous Panambur beach. You can have a very peaceful experience here. Make sure you remove your slippers before you enter the temple. Please be respectful towards the customs and traditions that are observed by the locals.

Address: Near Commercial Building, Panambur, New Mangalore, Industrial Area, Baikampady, Mangaluru, Karnataka
Timings: 6 AM to 8:30 PM

10. Sri Kalikamba Vinayaka Temple

Sri Kalikamba Vinayaka Temple

It is located in lower Car Street, Mangalore. Lord Ganesh and Lord Kali are the supreme deities worshipped in this temple. Ugadi is the main festival celebrated here with grandeur and is a delightful experience to must-have when in Mangalore. This is one of the best temples in Mangalore city offering you to indulge in some peaceful hours. You can also check out delicious local street food outside the temple.

Address: Car Street, Mangalore, Karnataka
Timings: 6 AM to 1 PM, 4 PM to 8:30 PM
Nearby Attractions: Shree Gokarnanatha Kshetra, and Venkatramana Temple Square

In Hinduism, a temple is a symbolic house, seat, and body of God. It brings humans and gods together under one shrine. Temples are an important part of Hindu culture since a hundred thousand years ago. Temples in Mangalore are thronged by a vast majority of people irrespective of their caste, class and gender and breeds harmony among the devotees. The above-mentioned list of temples in Mangalore will help you gather the best memories. So when are you planning your vacation to Mangalore and explore these temples with your family for a spiritual experience? A Mangalore temple tour will bring you the much needed peace you were striving to attain!


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