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10 Delicious Egyptian Cuisine That You Ought To Try On Your Vacation

As Egypt borders the Mediterranean in the Northeastern part of Africa, its culinary influence is that of most east Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Turkey, and Israel. The incompatible weather conditions make it difficult for the Egyptians to grow their own crops, and therefore, they rely on legumes, vegetables and dry fruits like figs and dates. Meat such as lamb and dried fish are considered as luxuries since the time of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Egyptian cuisine is a confluence of many cultures on a plate.

Here is a list of some exquisite dishes from Egypt that are not kebabs, shawarmas, or falafels. So, which of these would you be gorging on first?

1. Shakshuka


Shakshuka is a vegetarian dish most popular in parts of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Countries. It is a staple breakfast dish originated in Tunisia, a Country in North Africa. Shakshuka is basically a dish of poached eggs in a spicy tomato and green pepper sauce. Spices such as cumin, paprika, garlic, and parsley are used to complement the sweetness of the tomatoes. It is often served in a large iron cast skillet with some whole wheat and bran bread called Baladi bread on the side. Baladi bread is a predominant Egyptian food item that can either be consumed on its own or as an accompaniment. This breakfast is generally followed by a steaming cup of milky tea.

Where to try: Restaurant Zooba
Location: 26th of July street, Zamalek, Cairo 11511, Egypt

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2. Ful Mudammas

Ful Mudammas

Ful mudammas is a cheap street food which is also part of a staple Egyptian diet. It is cooked by simmering the fava beans in a large cauldron called Qidra, overnight. The mashed beans are then flavored with oil, garlic, lemon juice, and salt. It is often eaten alongside falafel as a street food or as part of the breakfast in most of the households in Egypt. Considered to be the National dish, the origin of ful mudammas dates back to the Egyptian civilization making it a part of the ancient Egyptian cuisine. Baladi bread and some pickled vegetables serve as a great accompaniment to this dish.

Where to try: Kazaz Restaurant
Location: 38 Sabry Abou Alam Street, Cairo 11511, Egypt

3. Koshari


The elements of Koshari are influenced by the British rule in Egypt. Koshari Egyptian food is mainly a blend of rice, hummus, pasta, black lentils, caramelized onions, and tomato sauce, dressed with a chili vinaigrette. This filling dish takes the second place in the Egyptian street food after ful mudammas. This vegetarian dish is affordable at many food carts and restaurants across the Country.

Where to try: Koshari al Tahrir restaurant
Location: Sharia Abd el-Khalik Sarwat, Cairo 11511, Egypt

4. Fattah


Fattah is a closer relative of Biryani. Part of the royal Egyptian cuisine, this dish originated around Nubia and are prepared only during special occasions such as weddings and religious festivals like Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha. It is traditionally made by layering rice, meat(lamb or beef) and Baladi bread on top of each other in multiples and seasoned with tomato sauce and vinegar.

Where to try: Al Khal Egyptian restaurant
Location: Intercontinental Cairo Citystars, Cairo 11511, Egypt

5. Mulukhiyah


Mulukhiyah is a traditional Egyptian food dating back to the times of Pharaohs. It is made by cooking the leaves of white jute and other corchorus plant species. The leaves are then mixed with chicken or beef broth seasoned with garlic and spices. The leafy soup is rich with potassium and vitamin B6 making mulukhiyah a nutritive Egyptian food. The coastal parts of Egypt use seafood instead of beef or chicken to make the dish. It is then served either with rice and chunks of meat or with the Baladi bread.

Where to try: Abou el sid restaurant
Location: 26th of July street, Cairo 11511, Egypt

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6. Fesikh


Fesikh is a simple Egyptian food prepared during the spring celebration festival of Sham el-Nassim. A popular dish in the coastal regions, Feseekh is more of a snack made by fermenting grey mullets in salt for over a month. The sun-dried fish is then served with some cut vegetable salad and pita bread. The fish has an intense smell to it which may not be liked by many. But for a seafood lover, it is worth a try.

Where to try: Available only in households

7. Sayadiyah


For all the seafood lovers, unlike Feseekh, Saadiyat is a delicious seafood dish that leaves one asking for more. It is primarily cooked in the coastal cities like Alexandria, Egypt. This recipe uses seafood such as white fish, bass or bluefish. The fish is marinated with lemon juice and some light spices before shallow frying it. These fried fillets of fish are then baked in an earthen pot in a traditional way along with some flavored rice, onions and tomato sauce. It is then seasoned with garlic, vinegar, and other spices. The rice is mixed with chunks of meat such as lamb or chicken making it a flavorsome meal altogether.

Where to try: Osmanly restaurant
Location: 12 Ahmed Ragheb Street, Garden city, Cairo 11511, Egypt

8. Kunafa


Egyptian culinary skills excel when it comes to desserts. Kunafa is a sweet dish made widely during the season of Ramadan. It is dubbed as the queen of Egyptian sweets and is an ultimate treat for the people with a sweet tooth. It is made out of a layer of noodles and filled with cream cheese and nuts. The recipe is very tedious when it comes to making the noodles. The noodles are made by pouring them in their liquid state onto a plate as strips of thin strings and dried until they become very rigid. After wrapping them up with the filling, they are baked until they are crispy and then drenched in sweet sugar syrup or honey. Pistachios are used for garnishing the dish. Contemporary Kunafas have a filling with Nutella, mango custard or avocado.

Where to try: Osmanly restaurant
Location: 12 Ahmed Ragheb Street, Garden city, Cairo 11511, Egypt

9. Umm Ali

Umm Ali

Yet another sweet dish that leaves one craving for more. It is a rich traditional dessert filled with dry fruits and cream. It is a common dessert in the streets of Egypt. The name comes from Ali’s mother. The legend says that she prepared this dessert to celebrate the death of her rival. Contrary to as vicious as it may sound, this traditional Egyptian food tastes heavenly. It is made with layers of puff pastry, milk, whipped cream and nuts. It is then baked and served hot with dry fruit garnishing. One should try it along with a scoop of custard or ice cream on the side. Umm Ali resembles the usual bread pudding in a lot of many ways only richer and creamier.

Where to try: El Malky desserts
Location: 28 El Masshad el Hussainy street, Cairo 1151, Egypt

10. Mint tea/coffee

Mint tea-coffee

Egyptians enjoy their tea or coffee all throughout the day. However, the meals are always ended with a cup of the authentic Egyptian mint tea or coffee. The mint tea is a twist on the green tea made with spearmint leaves and sugar. It was first discovered in Morocco and slowly grew its popularity on Egyptian soil. The authentic coffee is made in a special pot with a narrow opening called a cezve. The coffee is prepared by mixing the coffee powder and sugar with water and boiling it on fire surrounded by hot sand. The hot sand is supposed to act as an insulator to maintain a particular temperature. The coffee is then allowed to settle down for a few minutes before consuming instead of filtering it.

Where to try: Qahwa Araby
Location: Victor Amoniel square, Alexandria, Egypt

Still confused? Let these common questions help you out:

What are some of the Egyptian desserts that are worth a try?

A. Other than the traditional sweets such as Umm Ali and Kanufa, one can try baklava, tulumba, Basbousa, rice pudding, and sweet goulash.

Is Egyptian cuisine spicy?

A. No. Egyptian food is always lightly spiced. Their main spice mixture called dukkah is a pounded mixture of spices (cumin and fennel seeds), herbs (coriander) and nuts(hazelnuts and almonds).

Egypt is a culinary paradise. Rich in culture and heritage, Egypt scores well even when it comes to food. It is very intriguing how lentils and legumes play an important role in Egyptian cuisine. So, people with delectable palates, plan your trip to Egypt and devour the mindblowing savory and sweet dishes served to you.


Still confused? Let these common questions help you out:

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10 Best Honeymoon Spots In Jamaica That Couples Must Explore

Jamaica—a Caribbean island nation brimming with culture, crystal clear blue water bodies, lush green mountains, and rocky coastline makes a perfect honeymoon destination for any type of romantic couple. The best honeymoon spots in Jamaica —must visit places for couples—let you take a peek inside nature, watch romantic sunsets from a cliff, wet your feet in the turquoise water of the Blue Hole, or sail on Rio Grande River.

Go in any direction, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the tropical beauty that’ll take your breath away and will make you want to stay on this island forever.

Palm trees on brown sand Doctor Cave Beach

Overlooking the picturesque Montego Bay, Doctor’s Cave Beach is named after a coastal cave, which was destroyed by Hurricane in 1932. This is a part of Montego Bay marine park, hence a home to various marine organisms, including beautiful corals. Presently, this is one of the best honeymoon spots in Jamaica, frequented visited by newly married couples for the best romantic experience.

Romantic things to do at Doctor’s Cave Beach: Beach strolling, swimming, and snorkeling together

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blue waters of Negril beach merging with brown sand

Also known as Seven Mile Beach, this is one of the most pristine and beautiful honeymoon spots in Jamaica. The turquoise sea bordered by sizzling white sand beach and the most photogenic sunset views attract love birds, while the shore buzzing with cafes and restaurants makes the honeymoon even more lively and fascinating.

Romantic things to do at Negril Beach: Exploring the coolest cafes around, sunbathing on the sandy beach, and swimming along with the waves

A couple sailing on Martha Brae River

Martha Brae river is one of the best honeymoon spots in Jamaica for adventure and nature loving couples. Enjoy the serene and picturesque beauty of the countryside of Jamaica while rafting in a traditional boat, exploring the beautiful lagoon and lush green forests. One can also stroll and explore Martha Herb Garden to see some famous Jamaican therapeutic herbs, visit the souvenir shops and relax at the bar, all located at the embankment area.

Romantic things to do at Martha Brae River: Taking a 3-hour-long rafting tour and swimming in the emerald green water

Traditional bamboo boat sailing on Rio Grande River

The spectacular Rio Grande River flows through the lush green tropical rainforests of the island. This is one of the most splendid and photogenic honeymoon places in Jamaica to explore with your beloved. Soak in absolute romance while the raftman takes you through the meandering river and enjoy the surrounding landscape and lofty plush green hills.

Romantic things to do at Rio Grande River: Rafting with your beloved

Lush green mountains of Crow National Park

Sparkling waterfalls cascading down the verdant hills and vibrant flora and fauna making the whole range look mesmerizing, that’s The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park of Jamaica. This biodiversity park comprises of rugged hills of St. Andrew, beautiful Holywell Bay and trails to Blue Mountain Peak, which is the highest peak of Jamaica.

Romantic things to do in The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park: Hiking, taking nature walks, and spotting endangered birds and butterflies

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Couple taking a ride in sky explorer at Mystic Mountain

If both of you are fond of nature walks through forest trails, romance in serenity and unusual adventure, then Rainforest Bobsled at Mystic Mountain is going to be one of the best Jamaica vacation spots for you.

Romantic things to do at Rainforest Bobsled at Mystic Mountain: Enjoying the stunning verdant vista in the Sky Explorer—a chairlift to enjoy the jaw dropping view, trying Bobsled—a roller coaster ride—through the forests & tree canopies, splashing in water slide or infinity edge pool with your darling, or joining the tranopy tour

Turquoise water of Port Antonio

Famed as a scenic fishing village between lush green mountains and the azure sea—Port Antonio steals the heart of millions of honeymooners by its quietude and beauty. Exploring the mesmeric Navy Island, Frenchman’s Cove and Fort George and enjoying the spectacular vista of the sea from there while spending some cozy intimate moments can keep honeymooners busy the whole day.

Romantic things to do at Port Antonio: Swimming in Blue Lagoon, scuba diving, snorkeling, and jungle hiking

Blue water of Blue Hole in Jamaica

The refreshing turquoise plunge pool formed by a series of mesmerizing waterfalls cascading down the mountains known as Blue Hole, is one of the best honeymoon spots in Jamaica. It is probably one of the least popular places in the league, but it’s is also one of the most romantic places in Jamaica to spend a calm evening together.

Romantic things to do at Blue Hole: Taking a refreshing dip in the blue plunge pool and swimming all day long

Mayfield waterfalls and mineral springs

Mayfield Falls and Mineral Springs are amongst the best honeymoon spots in Jamaica for nature enthusiasts. From sparkling waterfalls, plunge pools, to exotic biosphere reserve, the list has everything to make the visit worthy. Surrounded by Dolphin Head Mountains, this is the ultimate place to relax and rejuvenate with your darling.

Romantic things to do at Mayfield Falls and Mineral Springs: Chilling in riverside gazebos and immersing yourself in the mineral spring water

A woman swinging on a rope in Black River

This place is loved by peace lovers as well as adventure junkies. Black River is the largest river in Jamaica, which is lined with luxuriant forests while the adjoining YS falls offers immense scenic beauty and is hardly crowded. You can relax in the water or try out some adventures activities with your partner to make your did happening.

Romantic things to do at Black River and YS Falls: Enjoying a boat safari in Black River, taking the exhilarating canopy rides, river tubing, and rope swing in YS Falls

Further Read: 10 Handpicked Resorts In South Africa

There’s enough in Jamaica to keep you amazed and happy all day long. Grab your sweetheart’s hand and take them to these best honeymoon spots in Jamaica and make this romantic vacation memorable.

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13 Best Places To Visit In Brussels In 2019 That Highlight The Charm Of The City

Brussels, the unassuming, easy going capital city of Belgium and the administrative hub of European Union offers the quintessential Belgian experience without the touristy hype.

Grand facades, magnificent cathedrals, some amazing and quirky museums, the unique and imposing Atomium and melt in mouth Belgian chocolates – there are a lot of places to see in Brussels that await your presence. So if you’re on a holiday, then this fascinating small city with big surprises and a glorious history will delight you.

Here is a list of the best places to visit in Brussels city that you must go through before you leave. Take a look!

  • Grand Place
  • Atomium & Mini Europe
  • Belgian Comic Strip Centre
  • Town Hall
  • St. Michael And St. Gudula Cathedral
  • Royal Museum Of Fine Arts
  • Manneken Pis
  • Jardin Du Petit Sablon
  • Notre Dame Du Sablon
  • Mont De Arts
  • Villa Empain
  • Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert
  • Magritte Museum

1. Grand Place

splendid with flowers

The grand city centre oozing with history, magnificent architecture and a splendid flower-carpet (twice a year) is one of the best places to visit in Brussels to feel the vibe of the city. Probably the largest and most beautiful square in Europe, flanked by the majestic Gildehuizen (guild houses) is one of the best places in Brussels to enjoy a drink, pick a tour or simply sit and feel the pulse of this vibrant city. The ornate historical buildings surrounding the cobblestoned square displaying intricate stone-work, stunning gold decoration, baroque gables and awe-inspiring architecture give the Grand Place its unmatched grandeur and elegance. You can stroll over to breathe in the fragrance of local flower market thrice a week and be awed by its surreal beauty when it is lit up at night.
Ideal for: Architecture, History, People-watching

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2. Atomium & Mini Europe

iconic steel aluminium wonder

The impressive and iconic steel-aluminium wonder is to Brussels what Eiffel Tower is to Paris. It’s amazing to look up at this model of an iron atom magnified to 165 times its size and a thrilling experience to be whisked to the top of this 100m high gleaming architectural marvel.
You can combine the trip and ticket with a visit to Mini Europe which is equally riveting and exciting for kids as well as adults. With detailed models of the best European cities, interactive sections and working models this miniature wonder is a popular Brussels attraction.

Ideal For: Family time, Photography

3. Belgian Comic Strip Centre

filled your heart with joy

Let the child within gaze with delight and wonder at those familiar comic strip characters that have made you laugh and filled your heart with joy. In this magnificent 19th century art deco building designed by the master architect Victor Horta, you can walk through a 3D Smurf village, visit Captain Haddock’s moon rocket and peep through Lucky Luke’s salon. With dedicated sections for Tintin, Asterix, Smurfs and many other Belgian and French comic strips, you can delve deeper into the magical world of your favourite characters. The detailed history of comic strips and the journey to their present day graphic novel form is fascinating.

Timings: 10AM to 6PM every day
Entry fee: 10 Euros/adult; 3.5 Euros/child. Concessional fee for senior citizens, students and group tickets

4. Town Hall

masterpiece of gothic achitecture

The most spectacular building around the Grand Place, the Town Hall has several grand rooms displaying its magnificence. With its spire towering above all other buildings, the Town Hall is considered a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. While the impressive facade adorned with numerous sculptures is a sight to behold, the opulent interiors will leave you spellbound. Rich tapestries and stunning ceiling of the Council Chamber, beautifully panelled walls, amazing artwork and murals will take your breath away. The seat if the Mayor of Brussels, the Town Hall also hosts many free concerts and looks stunningly beautiful when lit up at night.
Ideal for: Architecture, History

5. St. Michael And St. Gudula Cathedral

impressive archways, pretty sculptures

Dedicated to the patron saints of Brussels, this majestic poetry in stone is as beautiful on the inside as it is spectacular on the outside. The magnificent preaching stand, impressive archways, pretty sculptures and the gorgeously detailed stained glass windows are a treat to the eyes. A short walk from the main station, this fantastic Gothic-style cathedral is a must-visit on your Brussels sightseeing itinerary. It is worth spending an hour here reading up on its history, architecture and spiritual significance and stealing some tranquil moments.

Ideal for: Tranquillity, Photography, Architecture

6. Royal Museum Of Fine Arts

finest place to visit in brussels

Even though not as famous as the Louvre or Musee d’Orsay, Belgium’s Royal Museum of Fine Arts will surprise you with its amazing collection of jaw-dropping art and is one of the finest places to visit in Brussels for art aficionados. Curated into three different and interesting sections, it is one of Europe’s largest art galleries featuring the works of masters like Rubens, Van Dyke, Rembrandt, Magritte and Brueghel.

Timings: 10AM to 5PM (Mon-Fri); 10Am to 6PM (Sat-Sun)
Entry fee: 13 Euros for all three sections. Free entry on first Wednesday of every month.

7. Manneken Pis

landmark attraction of brussels

Undoubtedly one of the most popular Brussels tourist attractions, this quirky bronze sculpture of a small boy urinating in the fountain must not be missed while in Brussels. A copy of the original one (which is now in the Brussels Museum), this landmark attraction is an embodiment of Belgian humour and rebellious spirit. Manneken Pis (literally meaning the small man) has a wardrobe of more than 900 costumes which he is dressed up in couple of times a year on special occasions.
Ideal for: Photography, History

8. Jardin Du Petit Sablon

breath in the refreshing air

This serene oasis in the heart of the city is a great place to take a break from the hectic Brussels sightseeing and breath in the refreshing air. The charming landscaped garden with an impressive Egmont and Hornes Fountain is studded with 48 bronze sculptures depicting historical occupations. It’s the perfect spot for a truly European experience while soaking in some history on the side.

Ideal for: Relaxation, History

9. Notre Dame Du Sablon

striking beautiful cathedral

As you stroll through the city ticking off the best places to visit in Brussels, don’t miss out on this strikingly beautiful cathedral. Displaying an elegant amalgamation of the Gothic and Renaissance styles of architecture, the church interiors are adorned with exceptional stained glass windows and an ornately carved pulpit and organ. After visiting the church you can stroll to the beautiful park nearby, sip a coffee at the local cafes and marvel at this majestic structure.

Ideal for: Architecture, Photography

10. Mont De Arts

panormic city view

A lovely little hill dotted with as many as 10 museums and an atmosphere that can’t be beaten, Mont De Arts is surely one of the top places to visit in Brussels for experiencing the best that this charming city has to offer. You simply sit here and enjoy the street performances, walk up to some of the interesting (Magritte Museum for art lovers, the unique Musical Instruments Museum, amongst others) or marvel at the panoramic city views. Sunset is a great time for some picture postcard-worthy shots of the city, and then witnessing the glittering spectacle as night sets in.
Ideal for: Photography, Museums, Relaxation

11. Villa Empain


Built by the famous Swiss architect, Michel Polak in 1930-1934, Villa Empain is a place that you ought to add to your list of places to visit in Brussels. It was a private house before but after its restoration in 2009-2011, it was opened for public. Villa Empain is a marvelous piece of artwork which is popular throughout Belgium due to its stunning interiors.

Ideal For: Art Lovers

12. Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert is Europe’s first covered shopping arcade and if you are a shopaholic you should totally visit this great spot in Brussels. Designed by architect Jean-Pierre Cluysenaer in the years of 1846 and 1847 and since then it attracts a lot of tourists every year. You must visit all the three galleries which are called The King’s Gallery, the Queen’s Gallery and the Prince’s Gallery on your shopping spree to make the most out of it.

Ideal For: Shopping buffs

13. Magritte Museum

Magritte Museum

Opened in 2009 to the public, Magritte Museum is one of the most frequented places to visit in Brussels. All the travelers who love art and history must pay a visit to this museum which is dedicated to the Belgian artist, René Magritte. The museum has 200 original sculptures, Magritte paintings, and drawings. You can have a look at the famous artworks like Return, Scheherazade and The Empire of Lights once you step in this museum.

There is no end to the Brussels attractions and experiences to savour in this wonderful city. At the end of a long day of sightseeing, sip some uniquely Belgian beer and let the city work its magic. And now you must plan your European vacay with TravelTriangle and enjoy a personalized itinerary and trip.

1. Gaasbeek Castle
2. Flemish city of Ghent
3. Villers Abbey
4. Lion’s Mound
5. Hallerbos
6. Antwerp
7. Sonian Forest

1. Down jacket
2. Raincoat
3. Sweatshirt
4. Comfortable shoes
5. Refillable water bottle

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12 Best Resorts In Kannur For A Cool & Cozy Beach Vacation

If you don’t put Kannur in your Kerala holiday itinerary, it’s surely a major miss. The beautiful coastal town of Kannur, also known as Cannore, offers immense scenic beauty and tranquillity for a relaxing vacation. Bordered by the mighty Eastern Ghats and azure sea, this place allures lot of tourists with its pristine beaches and verdant palm plantations and a stay at any of the best resorts in Kannur is what makes the holiday worth every bit.

1. Asokam Beach Resort – A serene and relaxing hideout

Ashokam Beach Resort with a grand lawn and beach views ss

Location: Beach Road Payyambalam, Alavil, Kannur, Kerala

Stunning views, superb hospitality and culinary delights await you at Asokam Beach Resort, which is one of the best resorts in Kannur, Payyambalam. The services and amenities are top-notch, but the array of Ayurvedic treatments and Panchakarma therapies offered here have made it one of the most popular ayurvedic resorts in Kannur. From non-smoking beach view rooms to restaurants serving authentic local cuisine, the resort offers all kinds of comfort and convenience for a relaxing beach retreat.

What’s special: Evening performances of Theyyam and Kalaripayattu
Starting tariff: INR 1799/night

Website | User reviews

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A holiday in Kerala will fill you with memories. Witness pristine backwaters with comfortable houseboats, lush green hill stations, waterfalls, and plantations of tea and spice. Indulge in an ayurvedic massage or taste exotic cuisines. Book a Kerela holiday on TravelTriangle. Best prices guaranteed.

2. Mascot Beach Resort – For a dreamy sojourn by the sea

ocean view from the open dining area of Mascot Beach Resort

Location: Near Baby Beach Burnasseri, Kannur, Kerala

Known to be one of the best beach resorts in Kannur, Mascot Beach Resort enjoys its much- favoured location, on the Payyambalam Beach. Known for world-class facilities and most cordial hospitality, Mascot is one among the beautiful resorts in Kannur with swimming pool, luxury rooms overlooking the sea and beachside seafood restaurant.

What’s special: Nature Spa. This in-house spa and therapy centre offers a plethora of Ayurvedic wellness and curative packages like body detoxification, weight-loss, facial, foot massage, sports massage, reflexology and aromatherapy. Moreover, Nature Spa also specialises in special Ayurveda therapies for pregnant women and newborn babies.

Starting tariff: INR 2000/night

Website | User reviews

3. Marmara Beach House – Superb luxury and splendid views

inside the room of Marmara Beach House in Kannur

Location: Payyambalam Beach Road, Chalad, Kannur, Kerala

The resort is among the most-sought-after resorts in Kannur, Kerala. With its idyllic location, right on the beach, it’s comfortable well-appointed rooms and suites and in-house kitchen serving authentic local dishes, this place is a delight for travellers of all kinds. Moreover, the resort has a sea-facing banquet hall and boardroom, which makes conferences and social events enchanting and fascinating.

What’s special: Round the clock check-in and check-out facilities.
Starting tariff: INR 2000/night

Website | User reviews

4. White Shell Beach Resort and Spa – An all-embracing beach paradise

a sandy beach in front of White Shell Beach Resort and Spa s

Location: Post Office Road, Thottada, Kizhunna, Kadappuram Road, Kannur

This property is one of the best resorts in Kannur. It is an ideal stay for those in search of a calm and serene location. Offering independent beach cottages on Chera beach, this resort outshines all the other similar properties with its awesome location, hospitality and decent facilities. Plus, the property is located close to many popular tourist attractions of Kannur, hence people staying here can plan sightseeing seamlessly. There is an in-house spa which offers varied therapeutic treatments related to health, beauty and mental wellness.

What’s special: Private beach facilities.
Starting tariff: INR 2408/night

Website | User reviews

5. Kanbay Beach Resort – Pamper your mind and soul

a gorgeous sea view from Kerala traditional style Kanbay Beach Resort ss11052017

Location: Thottada Beach Rd, Kannur, Kerala

If you are looking for a rejuvenating stay at one of the best beach resorts in Kannur, Kanbay Beach Resort is the best place to step in. Overlooking the Thottada Beach, this property enjoys a scenic location and offers in-house facilities of Ayurvedic massage, yoga and meditation. And that is why this is also one of the most popular ayurvedic resorts in Kannur, as well.

What’s special: The resort arranges personalised beach dining, under the coconut trees.
Starting tariff: INR 2499 /night

Website | User reviews

6. Meenkunnu Beach Resort – A beautiful boutique resort

Entrance of Meenkunnu Beach Resort ss11052017

Location: Azhikode Village, Kannur, Kerala

Meenkunnu Beach Resort is one of the few amazing resorts near Kannur, that offers everything needed for a peaceful beach sojourn. From luxury rooms offering best of sea view to water sports facilities like kite surfing and paragliding and Theyyam performances; Meenkunnu Beach Resort leaves no stone unturned to delight its guests.

What’s special: The resort offers excursion and day trips to all its guests. You can choose from village walk, country boat ride, bird watching and jungle safari.
Starting tariff: INR 2500/night

Website | User reviews

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7. Chera Beach Resort – When invigoration is your priority

helper at Chera Beach Resort carrying freshly made food

Location: Kizhunna Para Bus Stop, Thottada Junction, Kannur, Kerala

With well-appointed cozy rooms, delectable Kerala cuisine and Ayurveda therapies; Chera Beach Resort is a great choice for your Kannur holiday. The food is freshly prepared here and the resort staff is always on their toes to make your holiday memorable and fascinating in every bit at this renowned Kannur beach resort.

What’s special: Candle-lit beach dinner, organised on special request.
Starting tariff: INR 2500/night

Website | User reviews

8. Pranav Resort – A serene and sober stay

Pranav Resort amid a palm fringed premises in Kann

Location: Beach Road, Palliyanmoola, Kannur, Kerala

This Kannur beach resort offers traditional cottage type accommodation and the plethora of Ayurvedic holistic treatments to all. Other than this, sprawling rooms, friendly staff and home cooked food have made this resort earn a lot of good feedback and recommendations on Trip Advisor.

What’s special: The resort organises Theyyam performances in the evening, for its guests.
Starting tariff: INR 2750/night

Website | User reviews

9. Club 7 Beach Resort – Away from the hustles bustles of the city

an incredible view of the ocean from Club 7 Beach Resort

Location: Thottada Kizhunnapara Road, Kannur, Kerala

One of the popular beach resorts in Kannur India, is Club 7 Beach Resort, known for stunning views, luxuries and hospitality. Spacious rooms, sumptuous seafood and free WIFI make your holiday enchanting and the surrounding serenity of the place have made it one of the most desired resorts near Kannur, preferred by peace-seeking travellers and honeymoon couples.

What’s special: Sprawling parking space for resort guests.
Starting tariff: INR 3000/night

Website | User reviews

10. Kannur Beach n’ Bay Resort – A cosy seaside retreat

wooden chair in the gallery of Kannur Beach n' Bay Resort overlooking the sea

Location: Kizhunna – Kadappuram Rd, Kerala

Offering breath-taking views of the sea, Kannur Beach n’ Bay resort is constructed in traditional Kerala style, equipped with modern amenities that satiate every traveller. Bright and sober décor and round the clock service impress the guests highly and the homely feeling makes them come back again to this property, on their next visit. Certainly, this is amongst the best resorts in Kannur Kerala.

What’s special: Upper floor rooms have private sit-out areas and offer mesmeric views of the sea
Starting tariff: INR 3000/night

Website | User reviews

11. Malabar Beach Resort – One of its kind stay experience

beautiful white Malabar Beach Resort with green lawn

Location: Thottada Beach Rd, Kannur, Kerala

Malabar Beach Resort is one of the few beach resorts in Kannur India, that offers a unique stay experience. The resort has sea-view rooms, loaded with modern amenities and the property offers Ayurvedic therapies, yoga and meditation sessions as well. Also, the resort organises fishing activities, Kalarippayattu performances and chat sessions with renowned astrologers of Kerala.

What’s special: Personalised local village excursions, on prior request. You get a chance to interact with the natives, witness their lifestyle, taste local food and admire the rustic scenery.
Starting tariff: INR 3200/night

Website | User reviews

12. Kairali Heritage Resort – For timeless luxury and comfort

Kairali Heritage Resort at night

Location: Kattampally, Kannur Kerala

Located by the banks of Kattampally River, Kairali Heritage Resort is a boutique property in Kannur. Spread over 11 acres of sprawling land, this property is best known for offering timeless luxuries and one of its kind stay experiences. From airy rooms, refreshing pool to facilities of water sports, houseboat to yoga, Ayurveda and naturopathy; Kairali Heritage Resort offers something for every guest. And all these plusses have made this property popular as one of the most luxurious resorts in Kannur with swimming pool.

What’s special: Candle-lit poolside dinners are arranged by the resort
Starting tariff: INR 4000/night.

Website | User reviews

Now, that you know about all the best resorts in Kannur, plan for a beach retreat soon. Enjoy the stunning sea view, taste authentic Malabar cuisines and experience all the exciting facilities which make the holiday a significant one.To know more about the places to visit in Kerala, chekcout this Kerala tourism guide.


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10 Gorgeous Cottages In Nainital For Different Budgets

Uttarakhand has long been known for its incredible landscapes. Nainital epitomizes this with its beautiful lakes, forests and mountains creating an idyllic vacation setting. If this is your next holiday destination, we recommend staying at cottages in Nainital that help you appreciate the tranquility of this resort town and give you unforgettable views of the mountains, valleys and the famous Nainital Lake.

Coupled with unmatched hospitality and rooms that take you back in time to the colonial era, you’ll use them as a yardstick for all your future holiday accommodations!

Here is a list of top 10 cottages in Nainital, ranging from budget homesatys to luxury hotels, that you can choose according to your budget.

1. Swiss Cottage

it offers refined accommodation

There aren’t too many luxury cottages in Nainital but Swiss Cottage is one of them. It’s run as a hotel by Mr. Sakley, a Swiss gentleman, which is how it gets its name. What we love about it is that it offers refined accommodation while still retaining a homely charm. There are just six rooms to choose from so that each guest can be attended to and receive bespoke services.

What’s special: Elegant accommodation and bespoke services
Suggested suite: Heritage Room
Tariff: INR 5,600 per night

Uttarakhand Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Witness the beauty of Uttarakhand and indulge in spiritual pilgrimages, adventure sports, and treks. Visit Nainital, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Auli, Jim Corbett, and more. Get best holiday deals on TravelTriangle.

2. Emily Lodge Luxury Cottage

offers luxurious family cottages in Nainital

Emily Lodge offers luxurious family cottages in Nainital with a colonial feel. Located in Ayarpatta Hill, the lodge was built in the mid-19th century and is one of the oldest cottages in Nainital. The British architecture is complemented by a 1950s-style interior so you really feel like you’ve stepped into the past. It has five bedrooms with vintage furniture, a large drawing room and a dining room for family meals.

What’s special: 19th century home with retro interiors
Suggested suite: Heritage Suite
Tariff: INR 6,500 per night

3. Colonel’s Cottage

a pretty garden with homely living quarters

Mall Road is among the more happening places in Nainital. It’s perfect for shoppers and has stunning views of Nainital Lake. If you’re looking to stay here, Colonel’s Cottage is one of the most popular cottages in Nainital near Mall Road. With vistas of the mountains, a pretty garden dotted with flowers and homely living quarters, it’s ideal for couples and families eager to take in the beauty of Nainital.

What’s special: Mountain views and homely living quarters
Suggested suite: Deluxe Suite
Tariff: INR 2,500 per night

4. Hutton Cottage

enjoy the sounds of nature from the surroundings

Close to town yet far enough that you can enjoy the sounds of nature from the surrounding oak forest, Hutton Cottage is one of the best Nainital cottage and resorts. The fully furnished cottage (Wi-Fi included) ensures all your needs are met while outdoor activities can be arranged to help you explore Nainital’s beauty.

What’s special: Cottage set amidst an oak forest
Tariff: INR 7,200 per night

5. Ann’s Cottage By Stellar

sightseeing and overview from the cottage

Ann’s Cottage by Stellar is a great choice if you’re looking for cottages on rent in Nainital with lake views. It has six rooms and one suite, all of which overlook Nainital Lake. There’s a multi-cuisine restaurant onsite as well as indoor and outdoor games to keep you occupied. Sightseeing can also be arranged.

What’s special: Lake views and onsite multi-cuisine restaurant
Suggested suite: Suite
Tariff: INR 7,000 per night

6. The Nest Cottages

stay in the lap of nature

The beautiful hamlet of Pangot is every nature lover’s dream. It attracts over 200 species of birds and you can spend hours watching them. If you want to stay in the lap of nature, The Nest Cottages is one of the best cottages in Nainital to book. Each features stone interiors, fireplaces and attics that lend plenty of character.

What’s special: Located away from the bustle of the town and with great opportunities for bird-watching
Suggested suite: Luxury Cottage
Tariff: INR 5,000 per night

7. Lal Cottage

looking for affordability and comfort

There’s a fair number of budget cottages in Nainital and if you’re looking for affordability and comfort, Lal Cottage is it. Fuss-free and homely, the B&B overlooks Nainital Lake and offers five spacious rooms. It’s ideal for those looking to stay close to town yet away from the crowds and noise.

What’s special: Budget accommodation overlooking Nainital Lake
Tariff: INR 3,000 per night

8. Stone Heights

simple and cozy place to stay with rustic interiors

Stone Heights is one of the best cottages in Nainital with a tariff that will appeal to budget travelers. Nestled in an oak forest with the sounds of nature all around, it’s the perfect escape for couples and families. You can choose from plush rooms such as The Upper End and Masters Room or book the Shepherds Cottage, a simple and cozy place to stay with tasteful rustic interiors.

What’s special: Located in an oak forest with views of nature all around
Suggested suite: Shepherds Cottage
Tariff: INR 3,000

9. The Hammock Bhimtal

the basic amenities with privacy and comfort

Pretty independent cottages dot the lush grounds of The Hammock. Set in Bhimtal, the resort features 15 cottages that are fitted with all the amenities you could need. Privacy is assured here and whenever you want to take in the verdant surroundings, you can relax at the private sit-out overlooking the lawn.

What’s special: Independent cottages with private sit-outs
Suggested suite: Two-bedroom Family Villa
Tariff: INR 6,600 per night

10. Taradale Cottage

tranquility and views of a green valley

About an hour away from town is Taradale Cottage, a stately Ramgarh cottage near Nainital that lures travelers with its tranquility and views of a green valley. The property features architectural styles straight out of the British Raj and features a small English garden where you can relax. Each room is beautifully decorated and envelops you in its elegance.

What’s special: Elegant rooms with scenic views
Suggested suite: Attic Double Room
Tariff: INR 6,000 per night

So now that you know all about the amazing cottages in Nainital, what are you waiting for? Head to the hills right away! Plan a Nainital excursion with TravelTriangle and enjoy an even more personalized trip.


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20 Wildlife Sanctuaries In Kerala That Showcase South India’s Exotic Fauna & Flora

There are more than 500 wildlife sanctuaries in India, each housing wide variety of flora and fauna. And for those who wish to gel with raw nature, wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala are among the best places in India to witness the rare wild animals and birds in action in their own natural habitat.

These wildlife sanctuaries include endangered species like mountain goats (Nilgiri Tahr), lion-tailed macaque, Indian elephant, Bengal Tiger and various other types of birds, animals, and plants. The uniqueness of each wildlife sanctuary in Kerala lies in the unbelievable combination of beautiful intact forests and raw nature.

So, be ready with your camera phones and DSLRs for you never know, you might get to witness something which is as surprising and photogenic as you would like it to be.

Elephants at Begur Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala

Located in the plateau region of Western Ghats, Begur Wildlife Sanctuary has an exotic variety of fauna. The tourist-friendly climate and picturesque surroundings make it one of the most popular wildlife sanctuaries in the state. The variety of trees and wildlife thriving indicate a fine balance of nature.

Best time to visit: December to May

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Thalassery Railway Station
  • Nearest airport: Kozhikode Airport
  • Nearest town: Mananthavady

Entry charges: A nominal entry fee of INR 10 is applicable. For detailed information, please visit the official website and/or call the toll free number given on the website.

Timings: 06:00 am to 08:00 am and 03:00 pm to 05:30 pm (all days)

Things to do in Begur Wildlife Sanctuary: Jeep safari, trekking and jungle walks

Birds and animals to watch out for: Black bulbul, Peafowl, bears, Laughing Thrush, Panthers, Wild boars

Places to visit near Begur Wildlife Sanctuary: Kabini River, Kanthanpara Waterfall, Wayanad Jain Temple, Thusharagiri Waterfalls, Lakkidi, Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary and Banasura Dam are some of the best places to visit near Begur Wildlife Sanctuary.

Suggested places to stay: There are no government guest houses or lodges available. However, you can find hotels and accommodation facilities in Kalpetta and other nearby towns and cities. Treehouse resort near Vythiri is popular amongst tourists for its comfortable lodging facility.

Tips: Carry a cap/hat, a sunscreen lotion, mosquito/insect repellents and an extra pair of comfortable shoes. Also, do not forget to carry an adequate quantity of food and water for there are no restaurants within the sanctuary.

Kerala Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

A holiday in Kerala will fill you with memories. Witness pristine backwaters with comfortable houseboats, lush green hill stations, waterfalls, and plantations of tea and spice. Indulge in an ayurvedic massage or taste exotic cuisines. Book a Kerela holiday on TravelTriangle. Best prices guaranteed.

Witness the king of food chain at Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Endowed with picturesque landscape, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is a protected region in south Western Ghats in Palakkad District. It was declared a Tiger Reserve in the year 2009. Going by a census in 2010, the reserve has lived up to its name by showing a substantial increase in the number of tigers in the sanctuary. It is also home to more than 250 species of birds which means bird watching is a delight for tourists here.

Best time to visit: October to April

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Palakkad
  • Nearest airport: Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)
  • Nearest town: Pollachi

Entry charges: INR 50 for light vehicles and INR 150 for heavy vehicles

Timings: 07:00 am to 04:00 pm

Things to do in Parambikulam Tiger Reserve: Trekking, camping, jungle safari and shopping in Parambikulam town

Birds and animals to watch out for: Tigers, leopards, lion-tailed Macaque, Asian Elephant, Pit Vipers, King Cobras, Great Pied Hornbill and various others. It also has over 1400 species of plants.

Places to visit near Parambikulam Tiger Reserve: Kumily town, Mangala Devi Temple, Shri Ayappa Temple

Suggested places to stay nearby: Tree houses and located in forest reserve itself and maintained by forest department are ideal places for stays. You can also book a hotel in the nearby town of Pollachi.

Tips: Do not try any activity after 6 in the evening. Do not bring alcohol or tobacco products inside the tiger reserve. Bring raincoats and prefer wearing shoes while touring Parambikulam Tiger Reserve.

A leopard at Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala

Established in 1958, Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary is the second oldest wildlife sanctuary in the state of Kerala. Located in Thrissur district, it is surrounded by reservoirs formed by two dams- Peechi and Vazhani which is the reason which further makes it stand out among all other national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala.

Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Thrissur
  • Nearest airport: Kochi
  • Nearest town: Thrissur (Thannichuvadu Bus Stand)

Entry charges: INR 10 for adults and INR 5 for children. Parking charges extra.

Timings: 08:00 am to 06:00 pm (everyday)

Things to do in Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary: Jungle safari and nature walks are preferred by many tourists. Boat safari, bird watching, trekking, and camping are also popular.

Animals to watch out for: Tigers, leopards, Asian elephants, Indian bison and spotted deer.

Places to visit near Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary: Thrissur town, Guruvayur temple, Palayoor Church, nearby beaches, Athirapally and Vazhachal Waterfalls.

Suggested places to stay: State Forest Department accommodation facilities, camp within the forest or book hotels in Thrissur.

Tips: Carry mosquito repellents and an extra pair of shoes.

Enjoy spotting migratory birds at Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Popular as Green Lung of Kochi, Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is located right behind the Kerala High Court housing over 32 species of exotic birds and about 17 species of butterflies. This place is famous among the nature & bird lovers who come here from local as well as far off areas.

Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Ernakulam South
  • Nearest airport: Kochi Airport
  • Nearest town: Kaloor Bus Stop

Timings: 06:00 am to 06:30 pm

Things to do in Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary: Jungle safari and bird watching

Animals and birds to watch out for: Waterhen, marsh sandpiper, different species of butterflies and the surrounding mangrove vegetation.

Places to visit near Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary: Boating and shopping in Kochi. Also, visit popular beaches of Kochi and Ernakulam.

Suggested places to stay: It’s recommended that you stay at Forest Department facilities or at PWD rest houses. However, in the case of unavailability, you can choose to stay at any of the hotels in Ernakulam.

Tips: Carry mosquito repellents and sunscreen lotions.

A view of picturesque landscape of Mathikettan Shola National Park

Located in Idukki district, this national park is the place where the mother nature can literally absorb you once you enter the park. So, don’t get shocked if you forget the path leading out which is why it’s also called as a maze by the locals.

Best time to visit: November to March

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Kottayam
  • Nearest airport: Madurai & Kochi Airports
  • Nearest town: Well connected by roads to major cities

Entry charges: INR 40 per person for Indian tourists and INR 500 for international tourists.

Things to do in Mathikettan Shola National Park: Forest trekking, Jungle safari, and bird watching

Animals to watch out for: Mathikettan Shola National Park is home to rare wild animals like tigers, panthers, giant grizzled squirrels, flying squirrels and Nilgiri Tahr.

Places to visit near Mathikettan Shola National Park: Munnar, Kumarakom, Thekkady.

Suggested places to stay: There are no accommodation facilities within the national park. However, lodging facilities are available nearby in Poopara and in Madurai.

Tips: Pack your own eatables and water as there are no eateries within the national park.

A tiger stares back in Periyar Tiger Reserve

Periyar Tiger Reserve is a protected region, which boasts of unbelievable scenic beauty and rich biodiversity. It is one of the famous 27 tiger reserves in India. Get set for some close encounters with big cats as you take a jeep safari while watching these striped beasts rambling in sheer royalness through the dense jungles of Periyar.

Best time to visit: October to April

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Kottayam
  • Nearest airport: Kochi Airport
  • Nearest town: Kumily is the nearest town. However, it is connected to nearby major towns and cities like Thiruvanthapuram, Munnar, Madurai.

Entry charges

  • For Indian tourists: INR 5 for children | INR 25 for adults
  • For foreign tourists: INR 105 for children | INR 300 for adults
  • For vehicles INR 50 for Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs) | INR 200 for Heavy Motor Vehicles (HMVs) | INR 25 for two-wheelers

Timings: 06:00 am to 06:00 pm

Things to do in Periyar Tiger Reserve: Enjoy spotting a variety of wild animals as you take a boat cruise within the reserve. Apart from this add thrill to your tour by opting for jungle patrolling in the night.

Animals to watch out for: Tigers, wild dogs, and sloth bears. If you are lucky enough, you might even spot palm civet, jackal, stripe-necked mongoose or black-naped hare.

Places to visit near Periyar Tiger Reserve: Periyar Lake, Spice gardens, and Ayurvedic garden.

Suggested places to stay: There are accommodation facilities provided by Kerala Forest Department and Kerala Tourism Development Corporation. You can also choose to stay in at hotels in nearby towns and cities.

Tips: Don’t forget to pack binoculars, adequate warm and waterproof clothing, bottled water and of course, your cameras with good power backup.

A group of Bonnet Macaques sitting on a branch of a tree in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Neighboring with Eravikulam National Park, Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Idukki district of Kerala. Due to its scenic natural beauty and a wide variety of flora and fauna, this wildlife sanctuary in Kerala is in a fray to get listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It also houses endangered giant grizzled squirrel.

Best time to visit: December to March

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Ernakulam
  • Nearest airport: Kochi Airport
  • Nearest town: Marayoor. Also, Munnar is just 60 km from Chinnar

Entry charges

  • For Indians: INR 5 for children | INR 10 for adults
  • For foreign tourists: INR 100 per person
  • For vehicles: INR 150 for HMVs | INR 50 for LMVs
  • For photography: INR 150 for camcorder | INR 25 for still camera

Timings: 06:00 am to 06:00 pm

Things to do in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary: Hunter Jeep ride, elephant ride, boat ride and nature walks are some of the great things to do in Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. Apart from this, tourists can indulge in trekking and witness the famous Thoovanam Falls.

Animals to watch out for: You can find Kraits, vipers, turtles, gaur, cormorants, spectacled cobras, mugger crocodiles, and many more exotic species. Tourists can also enjoy unique phenomenon of beautiful butterfly migration in monsoons.

Places to visit near Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary: Marayoor Sandalwood Forest, children’s park, and picturesque Lakkam Waterfall.

Suggested places to stay: You can put up at accommodation facilities provided by authorities of the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary in the forest guesthouses, treetop cabins, tribal huts, log houses at Vasyappara and Churlipatti. You can also choose to stay at hotels in Munnar.

Tips: Binoculars, adequate warm and waterproof clothing and sufficient bottled water are some of the must-pack things while visiting Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Deers at the famous Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

With around 40 species of mammals, 176 species of birds, 40 species of fish, 30 species of reptiles and 17 species of amphibians, Neyyar National Park makes an ideal preserve for a wide variety of wildlife. Also, there is a Crocodile Breeding Centre dedicated to the late Australian legend and crocodile expert Steve Irwin. So, if you still don’t visit this, you might be missing out on one of the most popular and best wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala.

Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Thiruvananthapuram Central
  • Nearest airport: Trivandrum Airport
  • Nearest town: Neyyattinkara

Entry charges: INR 5 under 5-year-olds | INR 125 for 5-12-year-olds| INR 250 for adults

Timings: 09:00 am to 04:00 pm (Tuesday to Sunday)

Things to do in Neyyar National Park: Visit Lion Safari Park, Deer Park, capture the best of wild in action, enjoy boating on Neyyar Lake and trekking at Agasthyamalai Hill.

Animals to watch out for: Slender Loris, King Cobra, Travancore Tortoise, lion-tailed macaques and fierce crocodiles at Crocodile Production Centre.

Places to visit near Neyyar National Park: Museum Complex Thiruvananthapuram, Sivagiri Mutt and Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Priyadarshini Museum and Chacha Nehru Children’s Museum.

Suggested places to stay: Prefer staying at Kerala Government or Department of Tourism accredited accommodations. You can also stay at hotels in nearby towns and cities.

Tips: Adhere to strict dress code with colors such as khaki, green, brown and others which camouflage you when you go out in the jungle.

Wild animal in action at Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

Owing to its dense forests, clear streams and extremely rich and diverse flora and fauna, this is an exciting and most vivid of all national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala, named after the Peppara Dam. A combination of tropical evergreen forests, deciduous forests, and swamp forests makes Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary an ideal place for various species to thrive and survive easily.

Best time to visit: December to March

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Thiruvananthapuram Central
  • Nearest airport: Trivandrum Airport
  • Nearest town: Thiruvananthapuram

Entry charges

  • For Indian citizens: INR 35 per adult | INR 50 per child (below 12 years)
  • For foreign tourists: INR 150 per person
  • For photography: INR 20 for still camera | INR 150 for video camera
  • For vehicles: INR 50 for LMVs | INR 150 for HMVs

Timings: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm (All days)

Things to do in Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary: Bird watching, trekking, and visiting Bona Falls, Vazhvanthol waterfalls, & Kalarkad waterfalls

Animals to watch out for: Tigers, leopards, sloth bears, bonnet macaques, Nilgiri langur and Nilgiri Tahr.

Places to visit near Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary: Kottoor Kappukadu Elephant Rehabilitation Centre, Vazhvanthol Waterfalls and Meenmutty Waterfalls and Palode Botanical Gardens.

Suggested places to stay: Prefer staying at Kerala Government or Department of Tourism Unluckily, government accredited accommodation facilities are not available in Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary. Hotels and accommodation facilities can be found in Vithura and other nearby towns and cities.

Tips: If you are traveling by road, it’s recommended that you hire a good driver as hilly terrain demands very skillful driving.

The entrance to the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary is quite near to picturesque tourist destination, Coorg. Housing a wide variety of flora and fauna, this wildlife sanctuary is a perfect place for those who want to witness the nature, up and close. Also, there’s a Central State Farm within the sanctuary which is the production centre for hybrid coconut seeds in India.

Best time to visit: December to March

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Thalassery
  • Nearest airport: Calicut Airport
  • Nearest town: Iritty

Entry charges

  • For Indian citizens:INR 7 for students and children below 13 years | INR 7 for students | INR 15 for adults
  • For foreigners:INR 200 per person
  • Others: INR 38 for still camera | INR 225 for video camera | INR 75 for vehicles | INR 300 for guides

Timings: 08:00 am to 05:00 pm (All days)

Things to do in Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary: Adventure-filled treks, nature camps, jungle walks and wildlife safari

Animals to watch out for: Sambar Deer, Mouse Deer, Malabar Giant Squirrel, Flying Squirrel, tigers, and leopards.

Places to visit near Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary: Kannur town for shopping and trying local delicacies, Snake Park, Arakkal Palace, Thodeekalam Siva Temple, Pazhassi Dam and Payyambalam Beach are some of the major nearby attractions.

Suggested places to stay: You will find government-operated guest houses and also private lodges, hotels, and restaurants in Iritty- a small town 20 km away from the sanctuary.

Tips: Alcohol, cigarettes and polyethylene bags are strictly prohibited inside the wildlife sanctuary.

Migratory birds seen playing at Thattekad Bird Sanctuary in Kerala

Also known as Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, this is a home to over 500 different varieties of exotic birds which make it the richest habitat for birds not only in Kerala but in the Indian Peninsular region. This wildlife sanctuary in Kerala is a paradise for bird watchers and animal lovers. Various species of butterflies are also found here. This means at every time you look up in the sky or on trees, you will spot a new bird. Amazing, isn’t it?

Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Aluva Railway Station
  • Nearest airport: Kochi Airport
  • Nearest town: Kothamangalam

Entry charges: INR 5 for entry | INR 30 for still photography | INR 75 for video recording

Timings: 06:00 am to 06:00 pm (all days)

Things to do in Thattekad Bird Sanctuary: Bird watching, trekking, and nature walk.

Birds to watch out for: Ceylon Frogmouth, Indian Pitta, and Malabar Trogon. Various types of butterflies can also be seen here.

Places to visit near Thattekad Bird Sanctuary: Nadukani, Wellington Island, Mattancherry Palace, Marine Drive, Kodanad Elephant Training Centre, Athirapally, and Vazhachal falls, Fort Kochi.

Suggested places to stay: The Forest Department Inspection Bungalow, also known as The Hornbill Camp, is the most comfortable places to stay within this bird sanctuary. For the tourists traveling in groups, there is a dormitory in the sanctuary. You can also choose to stay at PWD rest house near the Bhoothathankettu Dam or at private lodges and hotels in Kothamangalam.

Tips: Hire a guide as they know the best spots for bird-watching in Thattekad Bird Sanctuary.

Planning your holiday in Kerala but confused about what to do? These Kerala travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

A Panther rambling through the forest floor at Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary

Famous amongst the tourists for night-camp and trekking activities, Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary is the second largest wildlife sanctuary in the state. Apart from the rich bio-diversity and stunning beauty, there is a lake within the sanctuary where most animals come to quench their thirst which is another place where most tourists rush to. Nearby the lake, there is a watch tower which is also popular among tourists.

Best time to visit: Late September to March

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Thalassery Railway Station
  • Nearest airport: Calicut Airport
  • Nearest town: Mananthavady

Entry charges

  • For Indian tourists: INR 20 for adults | INR 10 for children below 12 years and bonafide students on a tour
  • For foreign tourists: INR 110 per person
  • For vehicles INR 150 for HMVs | INR 50 for LMVs
  • For others: INR 150 for video camera | INR 25 for still camera | INR 100 for guide | INR 300 for jeep safari

Timings: 07:00 am to 09:00 am and 03:00 pm to 05:00 pm (all days)

Things to do in Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary: Wildlife jeep safari and bird watching

Animals and birds to watch out for: White-rumped vultures, red-headed vultures, panthers, tigers, jungle cats, jungle fowls and various others.

Places to visit near Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary: Kuruva Dweep, Thirunelly Temple, Chembra Peak, Wayanad Heritage Museum, Edakkal Caves, and Thrissilery Shiva Temple are some of the famous places to visit near Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad.

Suggested places to stay: Either you can stay at the guest house managed by the Forest Department available on prior booking or you can opt for a stay at a hotel or a lodge in nearby towns and cities.

Tips: Carry a Cap/Hat, a sunscreen lotion, mosquito/insect repellents and an extra pair of comfortable shoes.

Elephants strolling at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Spread over an area of approximately 777 sq km, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is the biggest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala. Lying in the heart of this sanctuary is the Periyar Lake where you can see birds flying and catching preys, and spot wild joyous elephants drinking water.

Best time to visit: October to May

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Kottayam
  • Nearest airport: Kochi Airport
  • Nearest town: Kumily

Entry Charges: Extra charges for an elephant ride, jeep safari, boat ride, and for bringing cameras in.

Things to do Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: Enjoy Elephant ride and Jeep safari. You can also opt for boat safari in Periyar Lake.

Animals to watch out for: Nilgiri Langurs, wild boars, barking deer, Indian elephants, white tigers and Bengal Tigers.

Places to visit near Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: Kumily town, Mangala Devi Temple, Shri Ayappa Temple

Suggested places to stay nearby: There are many government-run guest houses and lodges nearby. However, you can also stay at budget hotels in Cochin or other nearby towns.

Tips: Reach the entry gate about half an hour before the time to complete the formalities and do hire a guide if you opt for nature walks in the jungle. Also, carry light woolens.

A Nilgiri Tahr Goat at Eravikulam National Park

Located in one of the most sought after destination in Kerala- Munnar- Eravikulam National Park is home to endangered Mountain Goat also known as Nilgiri Tahr. The beauty of the place and uniqueness of this national park can well be understood by the fact that it’s already a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are in Kerala, it’s a must visit.

Best time to visit: October to January and April to June

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Thalassery Railway Station
  • Nearest airport: Kochi Airport
  • Nearest town: Munnar

Entry charges

  • For Indian tourists: INR 90 for adults | INR 65 for children
  • For foreign tourists: INR 360 per person
  • Online reservation fee: INR 50

Timings: 07:30 am to 04:00 pm (All days)

Things to do in Eravikulam National Park: Trekking, wild safari, nature walks and photography.

Animals to watch out for: Nilgiri Tahr, Nilgiri Langur, tigers, leopards, Golden Jackal, striped-necked mongoose and various other types of flora and fauna is found here. Also, there are about 132 species of birds and 101 species of butterflies in this national park.

Places to visit near Eravikulam National Park: Spice gardens, Tea Museum, Anamudi Peak and the Rose Garden in Munnar are some other popular places to visit near Eravikulam National Park.

Suggested places to stay: There are a lot of comfortable resorts and hotels in Munnar and nearby places. For more information regarding where to stay in Eravikulam National Park, visit the official website

Tips: Reach the ticket counter early (07:00 am- 07:30 am) in the morning to avoid long queues or opt for online reservation by paying INR 50 extra.

A Siberian Crane at Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

Situated on the banks of the famous Vembanad Lake in Kumarakom, this is one of the unique wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala housing a number of local and migratory birds. It’s such a joy to watch some of the most endangered birds flying freely in the sky. Besides, the beautiful places to visit in Kumarakom add to the excitement of being here.

Best time to visit: June to August to watch local birds and November to March to spot migratory birds.

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Kottayam Railway Station
  • Nearest airport: Kochi Airport
  • Nearest town: Kumarakom

Entry charges: INR 50 for Indian tourists | INR 100 for foreigners | INR 25 for four-wheel parking | INR 300 for guide fee

Timings: 06:00 am to 06:00 pm (All days)

Things to do in Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary: Local and migratory bird watching.

Birds to watch out for: Egret, cuckoo, heron, waterfowl, water duck and many more residing birds can be spotted. Migratory birds such as Siberian Cranes, larks and skycatchers can be seen during the season.

Places to visit near Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary: Driftwood Museum, Vembanad Lake, Pathiramanal Island, boat cruise in backwaters of Kumarakom,

Suggested places to stay: There is a resort in the bird sanctuary itself which is owned by Kerala Tourism authorities where you can choose to put up. Also, there are many lodges, hotels, and resorts in Kumarakom where you can enjoy a comfortable stay.

Tips: Dawn and dusk are the best times of a day to enjoy bird watching.

A Nilgiri Langur at Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the Western Ghats, neighboring with Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary and nestling Chimmony Lake in its heart, this wildlife sanctuary in Kerala is the most favorable picnic spots for tourists. Apart from the wide variety of wildlife present here, the surrounding beauty of nature is just too much to handle!

Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Thrissur Railway Station
  • Nearest airport: Kochi Airport
  • Nearest town: Thrissur

Entry charges: INR 50 for Indian tourists | INR 100 for foreigners | INR 25 for four-wheel parking | INR 300 for guide fee

Timings: 06:00 am to 05:00 pm (All days)

Things to do in Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary: Trekking, wild safari, bird watching. Adventure seekers can indulge in Bamboo Rafting on full moon nights here.

Animals and birds to watch out for: Indian elephants, sambars, grey-headed bulbul, white-bellied flycatcher, Malabar Trogon, Fish Eagle, Loten’s Sunbird, wild dog, lion-tailed macaque, Nilgiri Langur and many other species of plants and animals can be seen here.

Places to visit near Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary: Visit Thrissur town and enjoy local food and shopping over there. Besides, you can also visit Chimmony Dam, Vadakkumnathan Temple, Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple, Peechi Dam, Guruvayoor, Archaeological Museum and Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary which are some of the famous tourist attractions near Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary.

Suggested places to stay: Dormitories having 40 beds within the sanctuary are suitable for people traveling in large groups. Inspection Bungalow is great for comfortable accommodation within the sanctuary. You can also stay at nearby hotels, dormitories or lodges.

Tips: Overnight stay is allowed only after taking permission from concerned authorities.

A pair of spotted deers at Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Being a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary is rich in biodiversity. Of all the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala, this is the one where you might get to witness tigers, leopards chasing gazelles, unfamiliar species of birds flying in the sky much frequently. So, all those who keenly watch those ‘wildlife shows’ on TV, get ready for some real action.

Best time to visit: October to February

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Kozhikode Railway Station
  • Nearest airport: Kozhikode Airport
  • Nearest town: Sulthan Bathery

Entry charges

  • For Indian citizens: INR 10 per adult | INR 5 per child (below 12 years)
  • For foreign tourists: INR 100 per person
  • For photography: INR 25 for still camera | INR 150 for video camera
  • For others: INR 300 for jeep safari | INR 100 for guides

Timings: 07:00 am to 10:00 am and 03:00 pm to 05:00 pm (All days)

Things to do in Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary: Elephant rides, jeep safari, trekking, bird watching and tribal dance performances.

Animals and birds to watch out for: Elephants, rhinos, jungle cats, tigers, panthers, monkeys, cuckoo birds.

Places to visit near Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary: Kuruva Island, Banasura Sagar Dam, Chembra Peak, Neelimala Point, St. Mary’s Church, Phantom Rock, Chethalayam waterfalls, Jain Temple and Ganpati Temple are some famous tourist hotspots near Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary.

Suggested places to stay: Accommodation facility for an overnight stay is available within the sanctuary premises, but the bookings have to be made only through forest wardens. You can stay outside at hotels or lodges in nearby towns and cities.

Tips: While taking a jeep safari, never get off the vehicle. Always wear dull-coloured clothes.

A front view of the entry gate of Silent Valley National Park

Also known as ‘Garden of Eden’ for nature lovers, biology students, and life-sciences scientists, this is a one of the most well-preserved forms of tropical rain forests. You will actually be dazed by its bio-diversity. This is, perhaps, one of the least disturbed national parks in this region living to its name quite well.

Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Palghat Junction (Palakkad)
  • Nearest airport: Coimbatore Airport
  • Nearest town: Mannarkkad

Entry charges: INR 78 for Indian citizens | INR 355 for foreign nationals | INR 38 for still photography camera | INR 300 for video camera

Timings: Entry time window is 08:00 am to 01:00 pm. You have to exit the national park by 05:00 pm.

Things to do in Silent Valley National Park: Wildlife safari, bird watching, trekking, bathe in Bhawani River at Mukkali. You can also shop for natural products at very nominal prices at the forest department store within the national park.

Animals and birds to watch out for: Ceylon Frogmouth, The Great Indian Hornbill, long-legged buzzard, threatened lion-tailed macaque, Nilgiri langur, Malabar giant squirrel, Nilgiri tahr, and hairy-winged bat.

Places to visit near Silent Valley National Park: Visit Shanthi Ayurveda Ashram, Virgin Valley Pathrakadavu, XD World 9-D Magic at Mannarkkad and the well-known Anginda Peak.

Suggested places to stay: The forest guest house at Mukkali having dormitories and 3 rooms is quite suitable for group travelers. Also, the Inspection Bungalow at Sairandhri has 4 comfortable rooms. However, there are no hotels or private lodging facilities nearby. So, it’s better to make prior bookings for a hassle-free stay.

Tips: The national park is at quite a distance from the nearest town. So, it’s recommended that you carry an adequate quantity of food and water. Do not litter inside the park or on the way. Pack some tobacco powder or salt to avoid leech bite. Do not try to overrule the forest officials’ directions.

An exotic variety of parrot in Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary

This only of its kind in Kollam district was established in 1984 and is not only a major forest reserve in the list of wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala but also famous all over the world for its biodiversity. Keep your cameras handy and eyes wide open as this sanctuary is reported to house nearly 34 species of mammals, 245 species of birds, 36 species of reptiles, 22 species of amphibians and 42 species of fish.

Best time to visit: October to March

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Kollam
  • Nearest airport: Trivandrum Airport
  • Nearest town: Punalur

Things to do in Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary: Elephant rides, jeep safari, trekking, bird watching and tribal dance performances.

Animals to watch out for: Hump nose viper, Great Eared Nightjar leopards, bonnet macaque, elephants, gaurs, jungle cats, and deers. It is also a home to some plant species having great medicinal values.

Places to visit near Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary: There are many tourist attractions near this wildlife sanctuary such as Leisure zone, adventure zone, Deer Park, Butterfly Park , Musical fountain and Children’s’ Park. Also visit the Suspension bridge at Punalur, waterfalls at Palaruvi and Courtallam.

Suggested places to stay: Lodging facility can be availed at Inspection Bungalow at Ottakkal where the rooms are allotted to tourists only when advance bookings are done through the forest headquarters. Also, there are dormitories at Thenmala and Kattippara.

You can opt for camping facilities within the forest offered by Thenmala Ecotourism Promotion Society. Hotel rooms can be availed at nearby towns and cities.

Tips: It’s suggested that you avoid carrying plastic wrapped food items, poly bags and musical instruments inside the sanctuary. Also, any kind of flammables is not allowed in the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary.

An eye-catching view of New Amarambalam Reserved Forest in Kerala

This wildlife sanctuary in Kerala is famous for housing some of the rarest species of birds which might have gone extinct, if not for this safe haven. Owing to its geographical location, this wildlife sanctuary receives heavy rainfall and has thick forest cover with a lot of variety in species of plants as well. It has over 32 species of animals, 500 species of butterflies and more than 292 species of birds making it an ideal place for wildlife lovers.

Best time to visit: November to March

How to reach

  • Nearest railway station: Palakkad Railway Station
  • Nearest airport: Coimbatore Airport
  • Nearest town: Nilambur town

Timings: 08:00 am to 05:00 pm (all days)

Things to do in New Amarambalam Reserved Forest: Bird watching, trekking, jungle safari and nature walks

Animals and birds to watch out for: Lesser adjutant, white-rumped vulture, Nilgiri wood pigeon, Malabar parakeet, grey-headed bulbul and rufous babbler and crimson-backed sunbird are some of the special species that can be seen in this sanctuary.

Places to visit near New Amarambalam Reserved Forest: St George’s Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, Mukurthi Peak, Central Forest Nursery, Upper Bhavani Lake, the waterfall at T.K Colony and Nilambur Teak Museum are some of the best tourist attractions near New Amarambalam Wildlife Sanctuary.

Suggested places to stay: You can either choose to stay at accommodation facilities managed by the government, Kerala Tourist Department or you can simply book a room at a hotel in nearby towns and cities.

Tips: Follow the instructions of guide and forest officials. You would be able to spot rare species of birds and animals when there is less noise around you.

Further Read: 13 Places For Best Wildlife Experiences In India | 10 Thrilling Wildlife Resorts In India

There’s nothing like collecting an experience of a journey into the wild and witnessing the nature, as it is. And venturing into the wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala that we have mentioned above is surely going to make an everlasting impact on you for you will witness a different India there.

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8 Remarkable Cafes In Lorong Halus That You Must Visit On Your 2019 Singapore Escapade!

Lorong Halus is a small yet beautiful region in Pasir Ris with a few residential complexes, industrial buildings, several ponds, lush green farms of coconut and rubber plantations, and the popular Lorong Halus Wetland. Just like other places in Singapore, this area is easily accessible from anywhere in this island nation owing to the Pasir Ris MRT Station located nearby. If you plan to stop by and explore this avenue, you can head to the various cafes in Lorong Halus to chill with your folks and to treat yourselves to some delicious food with a steaming cup of caffeine. These cafes and restaurants strive to provide visitors with the best Singaporean, Western, to continental food and shall not disappoint the foodie in you. You will instantly fall for the chilled out vibes, remarkable food and beverages, as well as the top-notch services of these food joints!

Steal a peek at these exciting cafes, bakeries, coffee houses, and restaurants located in and around Lorong Halus. Whether it’s a small snack, a cup of coffee with cake or biscuits, or a filling meal of Singaporean dishes, they offer it all.

  • Lots Gourmet
  • The Place
  • Mr. Bean
  • Streats Hong Kong Cafe
  • Johnson Duck
  • Different Taste Cafe & Restaurants
  • Toast Box
  • Refuel Cafe

1. Lots Gourmet


Popular amongst the Pasir Ris cafés for excellent interior decoration, Lots Gourmet appeals to all visitors. Its seaside location to remaining open till the midnight make it a sought after café. It offers variety of delicacies which include Western and Singaporean desserts and recipes. Ever since the café was started in 2009, it became popular and remains in the limelight. As this café is known for serving best quality variety dishes, it is visited by the locals and tourists in bulk. Its modern decorated alfresco dining area and bar appeal to all.

Must Try: English Breakfast, Steak & Egg, Eggs Benedict, Iberico Burger, Tempura Soft Shell Crab Burrito, Steak Sandwich, Vongole Linguine, Udon Carbonara, Foie Gras Rice Bowl, Blue Cheese & Lemon Pappardelle, Portobello Katsu Fries, Hummus & Halloumi Mezze, Alcohols
Location: #965A Upper Changi Road 507665 Singapore
Cuisine: Cafe, Burger, Sandwich, Fast Food, Coffee, Turkish Pide Bread
Cost for Two: ₹ 1440/- – ₹ 2265/-
Zomato Rating: 4.0/5

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2. The Place


Considered one of the best cafés in Pasir Ris, Singapore, The Place; Delihunt is known for variety of burgers and coffees. As this cafe prepares several popular Singaporean recipes too, it is often rushed by the locals besides tourists and the visitors looking for takeaways. Its outdoor seating arrangement to seething atmosphere appeals to the visitors. It is a great place for yummy light recipes.

Must Try: Grilled Chicken, Chicken Burger, Fish Burger, Pork Soup, Coffee
Location: #61 Pasir Ris Green 518225 Pasir Ris Singapore
Cuisine: Café, Singaporean, Burger
Cost for Two: ₹ 1024/- – ₹ 1650/-
Zomato Rating: 4.1/5
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3. Mr Bean


Offering the diners best of Singaporean delicacies, Mr Bean offers wonderful food options due to which it is one of the best cafes in Lorong Halus. This café is a landmark in the region for supplying too many varieties of desserts as healthy food solutions. Its home deliveries and takeaway options make it a popular name in the Pasir Ris area of Singapore. This café is exclusive for desserts and bakes. It doesn’t offer any alcohol based recipes.

Must Try: Desserts, Coffees
Location: #10 Pasir Ris Central #01-01 Pasir Ris MRT Station 519634 Singapore
Cuisine: Dessert Parlor, Café, Singaporean, Healthy Food
Cost for Two: ₹ 500/- – ₹ 1000/-
Zomato Rating: 3.0/5

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4. Streats Hong Kong Cafe


Streats Hong Kong Café is indeed a full-fledged restaurant which offers best of the Asian recipes to the diners. It is famous to serve ultimate Chinese street food to the locals and tourists. This café is always sought after by the visitors in Pasir Ris in Singapore due to best food varieties. Besides different dessert types, this café also offers reasonably affordable lunch and dinner as well.

Must Try: Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Chinese Light Recipes
Location: #1 Pasir Ris Close, #02-104/105 Downtown East, 519599, Singapore
Cuisine: Café, Chinese, Asian
Cost for Two: ₹ 500/- – ₹ 1000/-
Zomato Rating: 3.4/5

5. Johnson Duck


Foodies love the variety of breakfasts being served in Johnson Duck which is one of the best cafes in Lorong Halus, Singapore. This café has already emerged into a big name in the region for its great desserts, coffee and varieties of meals. Locals and tourists enjoy eating at this café. Its yummy food varieties have made it a popular name today so make sure that you try out this cafe in Singapore.

Must Try: Coffee, Desserts
Location: #62 Elias Road, Elias Mall 510623, Singapore
Cuisine: Café, Chinese
Cost for Two: ₹ 410/- – ₹ 900/-
Zomato Rating: 3.5

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6. Different Taste Cafe & Restaurants

Cafe food eating

Established in the year 1989 and running successfully since then, Different Taste Cafe & Restaurants is a big name in the list of Singaporean cafés. Although it started as a café, it has already become a full-fledged restaurant now. Today, it runs outlets in different parts of Singapore besides Pasir Ris. This café became popular since establishment for being first Singaporean food outlet that has been serving variety of local dishes with excellent aroma. Its curry puffs are popular like chicken pies and sandwiches. It now offers unlimited varieties of dishes.

Must Try: Hot Dogs, Curry Fish Head, Zhi Char, Foo Yong Omelet, Chicken Prawn Paste, Honey Pork Spare Ribs, Sweet & Sour Sliced Fish, Tofu Soup, Bittergourd Soup, Seafood Mixed Vegetables, Sambal Sotong
Location: #1 Pasir Ris Close, #01-32/33 Downtown East 519599 Singapore
Cuisine: Singaporean, Chinese, Fast Food Casual Dining, Café
Cost for Two: ₹ 1542/- – ₹ 2570/-
Zomato Rating: 3.5/5

7. Toast Box

Toast View

Toast Box café is a popular in Pasir Ris, Singapore for offering variety of recipes and desserts. Offering takeout facilities, it has wheelchair accessibility facility for the diners. Being a child-friendly café, it is known to prepare different varieties of recipes from the local cuisine of this area. It is one of the select few cafés in Lorong Halus, Singapore which boasts itself by offering good variety of dishes which make it at par with the finest restaurants in the country.

Must Try: Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, After-hours
Location: #120 Pasir Ris Centre, #01-05 Recreation Centre, Pasir Ris 519640, Singapore
Cuisine: Café, Desserts, Fast Food, Asian
Cost for Two: ₹ 450/- – ₹ 860/-
Zomato Rating: 2.9/5

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8. Refuel Cafe

Refuel Cafe

This is a restaurant themed on western culture serving the daintiest dishes in town. They take immense pride in their dishes and serve it with utmost love. The creativity is not only seen in their food presentation but also in the interiors of this café. Overall the place is well decorated and has a great vibe going on. The food served here is pleasing on the plate and delectable on the palate.

Must try: Seafood Marinara, chicken drumstick, salmon sticks
Location: Bedok Reservoir Rd, #01-3029 Blk 744, Singapore 470744
Cuisine: Cafe, American
Cost For Two: NA
Zomato Rating: 3.8/5

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temple in singapore

One can visit Singapore any time of the year since it’s a year-round destination, but it is highly recommended to avoid the peak tourism months between September and March so as to not end up amidst the huge crowds of tourists and elevated hotel prices. To explore this island nation the right way, try and visit it during New Year when Singapore turns into a sparkling and exciting travel destination. You can also choose to visit Lorong Halus in the offseason from August to October since the weather will be relatively pleasant, the place won’t be crowded, and hotel rates will be low. Take note that Singapore receives heavy rainfall in November and January, and stays hot and humid in May and June. Plan your trip keeping this in mind.

Stir fry noodles with vegetables and shrimp

Take a pledge to not leave Singapore without trying its delicious variety of food. Singapore cuisine offers a commendable mix of Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and Malaysian flavors, drawing foodies from around the world in large numbers. Its signature dishes include Bak Kut Teh (pork ribs soup), Wanton Mee (noodle dish), Fried Carrot Cake, dim sums, Chilli & Pepper Crabs, Curry Fish Head, Goong ub Noey, Bak Chor Mee (minced meat noodles), Oyster Omelet, Hokkien Prawn Mee, and much more. And the fact that you don’t have to shed a lot of money to enjoy the authentic flavors of Singaporean cuisine, is like a cherry on the cake! Just head to these super cheap cafes in Lorong Halus that will leave you spoilt for choices!

Are you still waiting for the right time to take a trip to Singapore? Well, now is the right time! So, pack up and escape to this island nation to treat yourself to some sumptuous food and coffee at these exceptional cafes in Lorong Halus. Plan your holiday via TravelTriangle and enjoy great discounts on your customized itinerary for a comfortable holiday experience!

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Top 20 Places To Visit In Greece In 2019 For A Perfect Mediterranean Vacation

The beauty of Greece doesn’t need any introduction. The Greek gods have designed their country with utter perfection. There are many tourist places to visit in in Greece that are simply awe-inspiring. There are beautiful landscapes and sceneries which will leave you spellbound, delicacies and beverages will gladden your foodie soul, and locals who will enchant you with their stories and local folklore. From the architecture to the locals, Greece will make your vacation extraordinary for sure!

Here are a few of the many mesmerizing places to visit in Greece that must be on your itinerary when you’re booking Europe tour packages. Have a look before you plan your amazing vacay.

1. Athens

The best place to visit in Greece is Athens

Athens showed its jazzy side to the world after the 2004 Olympics. Now the ancient city of Athens is recognized by its modern subways, spotless streets, well-manicured parks, remarkable freeways, and ultra-warm people. The extraordinary melting pot of mythology and modernism, it is a city that boasts of stunning modern architecture as well as striking historical monuments. From the pillars of the Acropolis to the Temple of Zeus, places to visit in Athens, Greece are many in number.

Don’t miss: Beautiful flowers at National Gardens, precious artifacts at New Acropolis Museum, the stunning views from Mount Lycabettus, colossal ruins at the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the ancient Greek temple of Erechtheum, hills of the Ancient Agora, historical neighborhoods of Plaka, the well-preserved Temple of Hephaestus, prehistoric antiques at National Archaeological Museum, and Goddess Athena’s famed temple of Parthenon

Where to stay: If you are looking for luxury stay options, pick from Hotel Grande Bretagne, Hotel King George Athens, and Hotel N.J.V. Athens Plaza. Here, the price ranges from INR 30,000 to 10,000 per night. For budget hotels look at Economy Hotel Athens, Athinaikon Hotel, and Dorian Inn Hotel. They would cost you around INR 3,000 per night; which according to us is a real steal deal!

What to eat and where: Crab appetizers at Spondi, Japanese barbeque at Kiku, Mediterranean cuisine at Estiatorio Milos Athens, exotic cocktails at Gb Corner, Sushi at Kohylia, and gourmet dishes at Funky Gourmet

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2. Chania Town

An ancient structure in Chania Town which is one of the best places to visit in Greece

Chania Town’s center of attraction is its Old Venetian Harbor. The uncommon architecture of the place has been a backdrop to many Hollywood movies and TV series. It is one of the best places to visit in Greece for its cobbled streets and more than welcoming natives. The lighthouse proudly overlooks the panoramic views of the city. Many romantics and couples find themselves staring off into the sea while holding each other dearly.

Don’t miss: Colorful boats and old architecture at the Old Venetian Harbor, beautifully manicured Botanical Park, artefacts at Chania Archaeological Museum, the popular landmark of Chania Venetian Lighthouse, remarkable display of Greek architecture Ancient Aptera, the happening Iguana Beach, the golden sand of Agii Apostoli Beach, the mysterious Topolia Gorge, and the remarkable Venetian Fortress

Where to stay: Take your pick from La Maison Ottomane, Casa Delfino, and Alcanea Boutique Hotel for ultimate luxury. The price range for them would be somewhere between INR 40,000 to 10,000 per night. Renieris Hotel, Alexis Hotel, Doge Traditional Hotel-Apartment are the best budget options you can find in Chania Town. They would cost you around INR 2,000 to 4,000 per night.

What to eat and where: Fresh organic salads at To Stachi, fish dishes and breweries at Colombo Kitchen & Bar, bouquet of wines at Kritamon Wine Bar, seafood and wine at Salis, finger-food at Akrogiali Taverna, and open kitchen at To Maridaki

3. Santorini

These colorful houses of Santorini have drawn many movie directors and producers to its magical land

Remember the iconic song ‘Tauba tumhare ye ishare‘ from 2003 hit, Chalte Chalte? Well, Santorini was the natural setting for that song. It looks exactly like a fairyland, flattering with whitewashed buildings, haphazard but cute little colorful houses, spiral pathways, towering sapphire domes, and stretches of azure water and equally azure sky. The houses and hotels are built on cliffs which add the appeal of the place. Santorini is one of the most popular Greece’s tourist attractions.

The phenomenal beauty, along with its cozy homes and little bistros are legendary. There are several ancient monasteries, churches, cathedrals, monuments, and buildings which add to the character of the place. It’s one must visit place in Greece; one where you should set foot at least once in your lifetime.

Don’t miss: Bella Aurora & Thalassa cruise, views from Skaros Rock, sunsets at Amoudi Bay, exhibits at Museum of Prehistoric Thera, murals at Lignos Folklore Museum, sailing experience at Santorini, thrill of Fira Hiking Trail, wine-tasting tours at Santo Winery, rocky sand at Perissa Beach, beauty of Santorini Volcano, and ruins of Ancient Thera

Where to stay: Mystique Resort, Vedema Resort, and Kastelli Resort are the best luxury stay options within a price range of INR 80,000 t0 15,000 per night. Some of the best budget options are Caldera Butterfly Villas, Mirsini Pansion, and Meli Meli which could cost you as less as INR 1,200 on off nights too.

What to eat and where: Wide selections of wine at Heliotopos Wine Bar, cheesecakes at Metaxy Mas Tavern, finger foods and local wine at Kapari Wine Restaurant, Chicken and Pork Gyros at Pitogyros, seafood at To Psaraki, grilled food at Terra Nera, and rooftop dining at La Maison

4. Hersonissos

Old harbor at Hersonissos in Greece is of the main tourist attractions in Greece

One of the most popular tourist places in Greece is Hersonissos, an old port town. Perfect for a complete family vacation, it has amusement parks, pearly sand beaches, intriguing museums, ancient ruins and local shopping hubs to explore. Also, Hersonissos is famous for its fresh and delicious seafood. The simple and earthy beauty of the town has its own charm. No wonder, it is considered to be one of the best places to see in Greece.

Don’t miss: Seaworld at Aquaworld Aquarium & Reptile Rescue Centre, exhibits at Lychnostatis Open Air Museum, stunning horses at Arion Stables, rides at Star Beach Water Park, happening Labyrinth Theme Park, mysterious Cave Of Zeus, engaging Cretan Farm, and peaceful Vrontisi Monastery

Where to stay: Some of the best luxury hotels are Aldemar Knossos Royal Villas, Pilot’s Villas Luxury Suite, and Amirandes Grecotel Luxury Hotel with a price range of under INR 30,000 per night. Anthoula Village Hotel, Romantica Hotel Apartments, and Maria Hotel Studios are the INR 3,000 per night.

What to eat and where: Octopus delicacies at The Alchemist, fish platter at Zachos Taverna, shrimps platter at Taverna Harakas, dips and breads at Med Cafe & Restaurant, coffee at Coffee Island, Nautica, Greek delicacies at Mythos, tapas menu at David Vegera, and summery drinks at Casa Nostra Bistro

5. Rethymnon

The beautiful town of Rethymno is one of the most popular tourist places in Greece

Looking for some good places to visit in Greece? Well, Rethymnon is a well-preserved old Venetian town, often considered to be one of the best places to visit in Greece. The stunning buildings and ancient architectures of 16th century reflect strong influences of European and Moorish styles. The magical waterfalls can be perfect for a romantic evening hide-out. The remarkable Cave Church of St Anthony Gorge is another attraction. Enjoy the scrumptious fresh feta, sprinkled with olive oil and local herbs while enjoying the views of colorful, lively docks.

Don’t miss: The charms of Rethymnon Old Town, peace of Sacred Monastery of Arkadi, opulence of The Venetian Fortezza, tranquility at Moni Preveli Monastery, liveliness at Venetian Harbor, wooden artifacts at Museum of Wooden Sculptures, ammunitions display at Rethymno Military Museum, beautiful Rimondi Fountain, and the popular St Anthony George

Where to stay: Rimondi Boutique Hotel, Bellagio Luxury Boutique Hotel, and Aquila Porto Rethymno are the best luxury stay options with a budget of about 20,000 per night. Afroditi Hotel, Elina Hotel, and Hotel Palladion are the best budget hotels in the area.

What to eat and where: Cretan food at Thavma Coffee Drinks & Cretan Food, fresh sea fish delicacies at Zefyros Family Fish Taverna, drinks at Pagonas Place, dessert jars at Goules, salads at Mikro Livadi Restaurant, and homemade Cretan food at Vassilis Restaurant

6. Mykonos Town

Iconic windmills at Mykonos Town are one of the main tourist attractions in Greece

The classic whitewashed buildings with blue towering domes signify the Greek architecture. There are several meandering streets in Mykonos that are charming to the fullest. Iconic windmills have become the center of attraction of this quaint city. The rich culture of Mykonos and the authentic delicacies of crabmeat are the major crowd pullers.

Don’t miss: Gondola ride at Little Venice, old-world charm of Matoyianni Street, exhibits of Aegean Maritime Museum, displays at Rarity Gallery, iconic Windmill, happening Kalafatis Beach, beautiful Church of Paraportiani, views from Armenistis Lighthouse, and golden sandy beach of Megali Ammos

Where to stay: Belvedere Hotel, Harmony Boutique Hotel, and Mykonos Theoxenia Boutique Hotel are the best luxury accommodations. They come at a price of about INR 20,000 to 8,000 per night. Best budget stays are Omiros Hotel, Hotel Spanelis, and Damianos Hotel Mykonos with less than INR 3,000 bucks per night.

What to eat and where: Cakes at Gioras Wood Medieval Mykonian Bakery, pasta dishes at La Cucina di Daniele, summer salads at Funky Kitchen, Italian at M-eating, cheeseburgers, and rolls at Pepper Mykonos, seafood at Captain’s Seafood, Italian beverages at D’Angelo Mykonos, and Greek platter at Vegera

7. Tsilivi

Greek National Flag at Tsilivi Beach is a picture perfect view

The golden Greek beach town is spectacular; its beauty and neatness is mindblowing. Venetian observatory at the northern point is perfect to overlook the city and get acquainted with the awe-inspiring history of the place. A perfect vacation destination, Tsilivi is suitable for surfing, parasailing, sunbathing and indulging in delicious food.

Don’t miss: Fun rides at Tsilivi Waterpark, engaging games at Fantasy Mini Golf, ceramic displays at Adamieion Ceramic Art Studio, boat tour to the Gorge, bowling game at Bowl’m Over, and horseback riding at Athina & Dennis Horse Riding Centre

Where to stay: The Lesante Luxury Hotel & Spa, Azure Luxury Villas, and Tsilivi Beach Hotel are some of the best luxury picks. They would cost you somewhere around INR 20,000 to 8,000 per night. Alexandra Beach Hotel, Neraida Studio, and Zante Maris are the best budget pick with a price range under INR 3,500 per night.

What to eat and where: Cocktails at Paradise cocktail bar, Greek Traditional at Cafe Ouzeri, deep-fried icecreams at The Halfway House, finger-foods at Summertime Snack Bar, breakfast menu and mocktails at Sunset BLVD, and Lebanese platter at La Meze Tapas & Wine Bar

8. Apokoronas

The shallow waters of Almyrida Beach is perfect for kids and non-swimmers to splash around

Lush greenery and pure blue water of Apokoronas are spell-binding. It is known for its bread baking and cheese tasting guided tours. The shallow water beaches are apt for paranoid kids and non-swimmers to splash around. One of the most unexplored places in Greece, Apokoronas can be your personal hideaway, offering the bliss of a quiet and serene vacation.

Don’t miss: Stunning Lake Kournas, happening Kalivaki Beach, fun cooking lessons in Vamos, beautiful Agios Nikolaos Church, wellness treatments at Georgioupolis Beauty & Massage Wellness Center, the lively Ombros Gialos Beach, artifacts at Folklore Museum, and mysterious Samonas Cave

Where to stay: Some of the best luxury stays in Apokoronas are Corissia Princess Hotel, Kiani Beach Resort, and Kalyves Beach Hotel, ranging in between INR 30,000 to 12,000 per night. Porto Kalyves Seaside Apartments, Villa Irini, and Asterina are the best budget options with tariff less than INR 3,000 per night.

What to eat and where: Aubergine dip salad at Georgia’s Traditional Taverna, food bowls at Parasia Rakadiko, slow cooked casserole dishes at Markos’ Place, pizza at Vasilikos, English breakfast at The Cotton Club, spinach and cheese pies at Gavalianos Kafenes, and Greek platter at To Yaladiko

9. Meteora

 The beautiful valleys and rock formations which hold monasteries at top at Meteora in Greece

The English translation of the Greek word ‘Meteora’ is suspended in the air. The phrase aptly describes the monasteries of Meteora that are almost like suspended in the air, over the huge rock cliffs. The monasteries at the altitude of more than 1,200 feet overlook the misty valleys and well-settled villages of Kalambaka and Kastraki. Some of the monasteries take back to early 14th century. It absolutely tops the chart of most beautiful places in Greece.

Built to seek spiritual isolation and religious freedom, these monasteries have paths which are simply thrill oozing – winding paths, narrow steps and sometimes, even less than just suspended planks. However, it is assured that the destination will be worth it all.

Don’t miss: Peaceful spots like Holy Trinity Monastery, Great Meteoron Monastery, Varlaam Monastery, Agios Stefanos, Roussanou Monastery, and Megalo Meteoro Monastery. Also, don’t even think about missing the Meteora rock climbing Kalambáka, Kastraki village, Meteora Thrones, and Theopetra Prehistoric Cave

Where to stay: Every one of the perched monasteries offers decent accommodation along with food, free of any cost. However, if you are looking for nearby hotels, you can take your pick from Divani Meteora, Hotel Meteora, Dellas Boutique Hotel, Alexiou Hotel, Pyrgos Adrachti, Hotel Kaikis, and Kosta Famissi Hotel. They will cost you around INR 3,000 bucks per night.

What to eat and where: Old traditional Greek delicacies at Restaurant Meteora, rice bowls at Taverna Panellinio, platters at Greek Tavern Skaros, Greek food at Taverna Gardenia, coffee at Melydron Cafe, and Saganaki & Mousaka at Stefanos Tavern

10. Crete

The shimmering city lights at Crete in Greece

The list of best places to visit in Greece is incomplete without a mention of Crete. Crete is a spacious land of contrasting landscapes – expansive coastlines, rolling mountains, lush greenery, and rocky terrains. There are quiet villages as well as bustling metropolitans. The largest island in Greece, Crete is known for its interesting Greek archaeological sites and heritage monuments. However, you cannot disregard its beauty. It is also one of the safest places to visit in Greece.

Don’t miss: Beautiful Elafonissi Beach, stunning White Mountains, deep blue water at Balos Lagoon, artifacts at Heraklion Archaeological Museum, wilderness of Spinalonga, Samaria Gorge National Park,sunset at Falassarna Beach, peaceful Sacred Monastery of Arkadi, wine tasting tours at Manousakis Winery, shacks at Stalis Beach, and opulent Palace of Knossos

Where to stay: Blue Palace Resort & Spa, Minoa Palace Resort & Spa, and Ilianthos Village Luxury Hotel are the best luxury hotels in Crete. They would cost you around 30,000 per night. Papadakis Villas, Village Heights Golf Resort, and Niriis Hotel are your best picks for budget options.

What to eat and where: Desserts at Yaourtaki Greek Frozen Yogurt, Greek platter at Georgia’s Traditional Taverna, organically prepared natural food at Ntounias, best steaks at The House Steak Restaurant, drinks at Taverna Harakas, and mocktails at Cafe Dimitris

11. Nafplio

nafplio town of greece

A playground of Athens elite, Nafplio has been shaped by a variety of cultures over the years. Wandering around, you will find the marks of the Ottomans, Byzantines, and Venetians on the architecture and the cuisines. The seaport town is one of the most beautiful and romantic towns of Greece. Originally the first capital of Greece, this is where you will learn the history of Greece in the most exciting ways. It is one of the unique places to visit in Greece.

Don’t miss: Explore the Palamidi Fortress where you will have to climb up 900 steps but the stunning views from the top make all the effort worth it. Your next stop should be the Bourtzi Fortress which offers incredible views of the ancient town. In the evening, wander in the streets of the town where you will find the most charming house. At first, you may mistake that you are in Italy.

Where to stay: Nafplia Palace is for those who like the luxury. Treat yourself to the beautiful settings, private beach, and plenty of luxury starting at just INR 16,000 per night. If you are under budget, Hotel Byron will be an appropriate choice for you and is located in a good location for exploring around. The tariff begins from INR 3,000 per night. If you wish to stay in the old town to experience the charm, Aetoma Hotel is a good choice The 18th-century mansion is located right in the heart of the old town and can enjoy breathtaking views of the sea.

What to eat and where: Must try the Grilled Octopus and Chicken in Ouzo sauce along with a salad of eggplant and garlic. Kavalaris Corner makes the best Greek appetizers in the town while Pidalio in the new part of the town is where you can grab drinks. 3Sixty is the most sophisticated restaurant in Nafplio and Pidalio Mezedopoleio is known for Mediterranean and vegan options.

12. Corfu

corfu island in greece

An island located on the northwest coast of the country, Corfu is a place of rich cultural heritage and definitely one of the best islands to visit in Greece. Find your perfect paradise on one of the many beaches this island has to offer. The rugged mountains in the backdrop give a perfect contrast to white sandy beaches. Apart from sunbathing on the beach, it offers a vast array of things like going on an olive tasting tour or visiting the ancient monastery.

Don’t miss: Gorge at Agni Bay is one little gem which you should not miss during your visit to the island. Also, make a point to witness the dramatic Cape Drastis on the northerly point of the island. Vlacherna Monastery is another famous tourist attraction in the town. Do not miss the nightlife of Sidari on Corfu Island for the world. Then, there is also the old fort of Corfu which is a relic worth seeing.

Where to stay: Sidari Resort and Kavos Resort are tourists’ favorite place to stay on the island. Pink Palace at Agios Gordios beach in Sinarades is one of the best budget accommodations on Corfu Islands with the tariff starting as low as INR 2,100. If you want to enjoy the beautiful bays and mountainous coastlines, you can stay in one of the villas like Corfu Villa Portamaki.

What to eat and where: Being an island, seafood and shellfish are the famous delicacies of Corfu. Sykomaïtha, a fig-based cake is another specialty of this town which you must definitely taste. The Venetian Well is one of the fine dining options on Corfu Island. Taverna Kalami is where you can enjoy the local cuisine and seafood. The Old time Cafe Bar Bistro is famous for Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

13. Sifnos


This is a cycladic place where you will want to take your hiking boots along with your flip-flops to go out exploring the natural beauty as well as the villages of this island. While here make sure to visit the Sifnos trails, which are a network of paths that have developed here in just the event years and are the largest ones in the whole of the Aegean. Actually, there’s over 100 km to explore in here. The trails will take you to quaint chapels, temples, villages, farmhouses, and more. You can enjoy this with Aegean in the backdrop.
Don’t miss: The Cycladic Gastronomy Festival- Nikolaos Thelemites that takes place over three days in the month of September.
Where to stay: You can stay at the Verina Suites and Pool Bar or the Smaragdi hotel or any other amongst the variety of hotels there.
What to eat and where: Try the Absinthe and the Drimoni, which offer great Katziki mastela (goat cooked in a clay pot), a Sifnos specialty.

14. Therasia


Santorini is a famous cosmopolitan island now but if you want to know what it was before tourism took over then you can get a taste of the cycladic and volcanic island over on Therasia. This is a very underrated destination which has just 250 residents and as for tourism, it just receives day trippers from Santorini. People here mainly arrive to explore the charming settlements and serene churches here. But there are also well paved out hiking routes which offer amazing panoramic views. These hiking routes pass between dry stone terraces built centuries ago. Therasia is the place people go to when they seek solitude away from the crowd.
Don’t miss: Go to the Perivolas Hideaway, which is a boutique guesthouse, check out the chapels and villages which dot this island.
Where to stay: You can stay at the Blue Dolphins, which is a 2-star hotel or at the 5-star Residence Suites.
What to eat and where: Go to the Panorama restaurant and the labros restaurant. Try out the swordfish pasta over at Il Cappero.

15. Patmos


It is a beautiful island which has a pretty village and is built around a monastery which was dedicated to St. John the Theologian. He is famously believed to have penned down the book of Revelation on that island. Visit during the months of July and August. The International Film Festival of Patmos, as well as the Patmos Religious Music Festival, is held during the same time. But there’s more to do here as just last year sporting events were also added in the summer itinerary as Patmos Revelation. It is a three-day event in which participants take place in running or swimming (open water) races which take place at the end of June.
Don’t miss: While here make sure to visit the beautiful beaches like Psili Ammos, Lambi along with the almost uninhibited islands of Arkoi and Marathi.
Where to stay: You can stay at the Patmos Atkis Suite and Spa which is a 5-star hotel or for something more in a budget and homely, you can try out the Iliolosto studios.
What to eat and where: Try out the cocktails at Pleiades Bar Restaurant, go for Benetos if you have kids with you. Try their smoked eel and steak.

16. Nisyros


This island is famed for the volcano here and it is an active one. This is one of the few Aegean islands which has managed to avoid development and maintained an authenticity about it which has made it a favorite destination amongst the creatively inclined. There are tonnes of thongs to do here, like walking in the hydrothermal craters of the volcano, exploring the areas between the pristine but quaint homes, enjoy a glass of refreshing iced tea and more.
Don’t miss: Relax your body in the thermal springs over at the municipal baths, visit the Sterna Art Project- a nonprofit exhibition for artists who create works in this island and draw inspiration from its landscapes.
Where to stay: While here you can stay at the two-star Porfyris hotel or in the Maria Eliza which is a house apartment if you are looking for some budget options.
What to eat and where: Get the local flavors and eat at the Tavernas. Head to Taverna Panorama or restaurant Irini which are both cozy but casual places with great seafood. Taverna Bacareto is the place to head to for more gourmet food.

17. Parga


Situated right on the western coast of Greece and surrounded by the Ionian, Parga is a mainland destination but with its own island feel. The town is a vision to behold with picturesque narrow streets which lead to Parga’s castle and offer amazing views over the beautiful bay. There are beautiful long sandy beaches which will allow you to enjoy shimmering quiet empty stretches of sand. You can spread your beach towel in here and go for a dip into the sea. For those interested in archeological adventures, Parga is actually close to many archeological sites which include the temple of necromancy situated right next to the mighty Acherontas river (linked to the underworld in the classical age). Spring is a great time to head here because it will allow one to enjoy the clear water flowing through a lush forest and you can enjoy rafting or boating.
Don’t miss: Parga with its historical sites like the temple of necromancy, it’s beautiful flowing rivers and forests where you can undertake rafting and hiking is a place where there is something for everyone.
Where to stay: Stay at the Parga Olympic hotel, Acrothea hotel which offers a luxurious service. But for something more within a budget, check out Lichnos or Irini Studios.
What to eat and where: Head to the Bacchus restaurant, Med Club Parga or Sakis for some authentic food in here.

18. Zagori


This area falls in the region of Epirus and is a jewel in the Aegean crown. A mountainous place, this is a favorite winter vacation spot and its incredible natural beauty has made it a popular place for foreign visitors during the summers as well. Zagori comes with well-marked routes which pass through vibrant forests, stone bridges, streams, rivers, deep gorges, monasteries, and more than 45 villages. All of this spans hundreds of kilometers and so Zagori is really a hikers paradise. There are lots of activities for the adventurous hearts and the routes are used for the summer Zagori Mountain Running event, mountaineers take on the challenge to climb up the alpine Drakolimni Lake or to one of its peaks. The rivers of Zagori allow for plentiful options to engage in canoeing or rafting.
Don’t miss: Zagori is for the nature lovers and for people who live life with thrill. There’s everything from hiking to mountaineering and rafting to just straight up plunging into the waters which can be done.
Where to stay: Zagori has the best eco-lodge in the world called the Aristi Mountain Resort. There are also 4-star hotels like Villa Paroraria where you can stay in. But if you are looking for something which can fit a budget then Artemis Apartments, Hotel Gousias, and Tsironis Rooms will be the places to look at.
What to eat and where: Try the Astra Inn or the Beloit Restaurant for authentic Zagori food. Make sure to taste Zagori pies here. The food here is organic and authentic.

19. Kefalonia


It is the Ionian’s largest island and is popular for its beautiful beaches and vibrant forests. This is one of the best places to get some wine tasting going on as local families over here have traditions of winemaking. But in some of these winemaking places, you will get to see more than that as some places host music events or film screenings during the summers as well.
Don’t miss: The SeaΝema Open Air Film Festival, the wine tastings, the Sarastro Festival which is a yearly event organized for electronic and indie music fans.
Where to stay: You can stay at the Odyssey Hotel or the Thalassa Boutique Hotel. Both are 4-star. They come at a cost of INR 7,000. For something more within a budget, you can try out Oskars studio and apartments which is a down to earth hotel, of the Sierra Maria Studios which are holiday apartments. These start from INR 3,000.
What to eat and where: The Mikelatos Restaurant, Votsalo Restaurant, and Taverna Socrates are favorites. While there try out stuffed octopus, dolmadakia, fried mixed vegetables and small meatballs prepared with potatoes, courgettes, spices and such.

20. Cape Sounion


Famed for its temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounion is an eminent spot in Greece as it has ruins of the temple of the Greek Sea God, Poseidon. A spectacular site for those who would like to relive Homer’s Odyssey, Cape Sounion is a perfect destination for all history buffs as well as Greek literature lovers.

Don’t Miss: The Temple Of Athena
Where to stay: You can stay at the Cape Sounio Grecotel Exclusive Resort as it is quite popular among tourists.

Greece is full of historical wonders and has mythology which dates back thousands of years. Its prowess in literature is equally matched by the natural surrounds it and the food which has been born from it as a result. Greece offers everything which a traveler could ever want. Which one of these tourist places in Greece has made it to your special bucket list of the year 2019? Greece is a popular destination among honeymooners and explorers; there are many nice places to visit in Greece for honeymoon! If you want to explore this Mediterranean country, plan an exciting trip to Greece and have a unique holiday experience.

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Live Amidst Nature In These 8 Beautiful Nahan Resorts In 2019

Nahan is a little town in Himachal Pradesh, which is best known for its Indian Army Special Forces Training School and a laidback lifestyle. Away from the buzzing crowd of cities, this is the perfect romantic getaway for mountain lovers! This place overlooks the great Shivalik range and one can see green fields and lofty mountains right from the gorgeous Nahan resorts that welcome you with warmth.

Are you looking for quaint resorts in Nahan that offer amazing hospitality and service? Well, the numbers may be low but here are a few options that you can consider:

  • Grand View Resort
  • Sirmour Resort Nahan
  • Nestling Meadows
  • Black Mango Resort
  • Sailani Resorts
  • Ashwin Resorts
  • Renuka Hotel
  • Writer’s Hill

1. Grand View Resort

a resort with a huge outdoor pool

Touted as one of the best resorts in this town, Grand View Nahan resort has everything you would need for that quiet getaway. The abundant bounty and scenic richness are some of the best parts of traveling to Nahan. The Grand View Resort is centrally located and helps travelers relax amidst nature. Being one of the most lavish resorts near Nahan, Grand View Resort has been in the list of preferences.

Among the best resorts in Nahan, it is located near tourist places of Nahan like Paonta Sahib, Trilokpur Temple, Renuka Lake, Bedolia Waterfall, and Suketi Fossil Park.

Tariff: Rs 5000 (approx)
Location: Sangrah Nahan Road, Jamta Nahan, Sirmour
Website | Reviews

Himachal Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Head to Himachal to witness lush valleys surrounded by snow-capped hills. Indulge in skiing, paragliding, and other adventure sports. Book holiday packages inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing, and meals to Shimla, Manali, Kasol, Dharamshala, and more.

2. Sirmour Resort Nahan

a resort room with a comfortable bed

An ideal luxury resort which lies in the lap of nature in Nahan, Sirmour Resort Nahan is among the best Nahan resorts. You can enjoy panoramic views of the valley in the south and beautiful pine forest range and Churdhar peaks in the north. It’s also near the landscapes of Jamta, near Nahan and Renukaji lake in Himanchal Pradesh, which is the prime sightseeing locations in Nahan. The lovely Sirmour retreat is located at just a 5 hours drive from the capital city of Delhi.

The resort has 12 magnificent cottages named after birds, forests, & mountains at different heights, each with a private sit out area. They also have a magnificent rooftop restaurant, terrace along with a movie theatre, karaoke, garden gym, pool table, air hockey, tale soccer, chess, caroms etc.

Tariff: Rs 5800 (approx)
Location: Jamta Sirmour Retreat District Sirmour Nahan
Website | Reviews

3. Nestling Meadows

a resort amid trees

If you want an authentic campsite experience, then Nestling Meadows is just perfect. Situated in Village Panjhal on Jamata- Paonta Road, it is a beautiful camping site spread over 10 acres area of lush green surroundings. All the tourist attractions such as Renuka Lake, Fossil Park, Haripur Dhar, Paonta Sahib, Badholia Temple Waterfall are located nearby. So if you’re looking for some Nahan hotels and resorts and do not mind living in a luxurious campsite accommodation, it’s the place for you.

You can wake up to the quiet tranquility of the area and the rising sun. Some of the outdoor and indoor activities include a nature walk, ruin watching, trekking, board games, carrom etc.

Tariff: Rs 5100 ( approx)
Location: Jamta-Paonta Road, Panjahal, Nahan
Website | Reviews

4. Black Mango Resort

restaurant of a resort

This environmental-friendly hotel provides for the perfect getaway for those looking for rest and rejuvenation. Those who’re looking for some best Nahan hotels and resorts must give it a shot. They have luxurious rooms and home-cooked meals that will help you stay rejuvenated and energized.

Black Mango resort used eco-friendly energy saving practices, organic farming, and investment in the local community, which make it one of the most environment-friendly places to stay in Nahan. There is a conference facility for business visitors as well.

Tariff: Rs 1660 (approx)
Location: Chandigarh -Dehradun Highway, Nahan Road
Website | Reviews

5. Sailani Resorts

a resort amid green fields

If you are looking for resorts in Nahan with swimming pool, then Sailani Resort at Kala Amb is situated right in the middle of a paradise. With the view of the Himalayas with ravishing rivers, scintillating streams, it becomes one of the best resorts in Nahan. It is a paradise reserved for the connoisseurs only. It is the perfect place for a honeymoon as it’s away from the hustle and bustle where the couple can enjoy each others company.

They have a multi-cuisine restaurant, conference hall, outdoor swimming pool, bar/lounge, banquet hall, outdoor and indoor games, upcoming spa and nightclub. Basically everything you need to keep you entertained as well as relaxed! One of the best Nahan resorts with swimming pool for sure.

Tariff: Rs 5000 (approx)
Location: Sainwala Teh, Nahan NH-72, Chandigarh-Dehradun Road
Website | Reviews

6. Ashwin Resorts

ashwin resort nahan

One of the Nahan best resorts, this place will pamper you with its luxury and ultra-modern facilities. It is the first choice among travelers for the purpose of business, leisure, and budget experience. This property provides you world-class property of international standards along with a homely ambiance.

The best part is that it is located right in the heart of Nahan so you get better connectivity to all the famous landmarks and attractions. There is even an on-site restaurant called Spicy Restaurant & Icy Bar where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks.

Tariff: INR 1,600 per night
Location: Ambala-Dehradun-Haridwar Rd, Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh 173030
Website | Review

7. Renuka Hotel

renukaji lake

Although not particularly one of the resorts in Nahan city, Renuka Hotel is an amazing place to stay on the outskirts of the town. The 2-star hotel is located right by the enchanting lake surrounded by verdant greenery and abundance of peace and tranquility. If you are planning a quaint getaway to Nahan, this is where you should be staying.

Enjoy the blend of comfort and elegance in its lavish rooms equipped with all modern facilities. They even have a conference and meeting room and will help you out with airport transfers too. Rani Tal, Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kali ka Tibba re just a stone-throw away from the property.

Tariff: INR 2,400 per night
Location: SH 2, Ramkundi, Nahan, Himachal Pradesh 173001

8. Writer’s Hill

luxury cottage nahan

Nahan’s best-kept secret, Writer’s Hill is a paradise for peace and solitude seekers. Located near Renukaji Lake, the resort is surrounded with lush greenery in the lap of nature. It is a themed-hillside hotel designed meticulously and making creative use of spaces.

At Writer’s Hill, you can check yourself into one of its luxury cottages equipped with all kinds of facilities and forget about the world. This place is so good you would never want to leave. The area also gives you the opportunity to enjoy camping, riding, and watching wildlife.

Tariff: INR 2,000 per night
Location: SH 2, Ramkundi, Nahan, Himachal Pradesh 173001
Website | Review

Nahan may not have hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to resorts and hotels, but there certainly are some accommodations that are comfortable and safe enough for families and friends. Plan an enchanting trip to Himachal and explore the underrated gem of a hill station that Nahan is. 


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Anvesh’s Experience Will Tell You Why 5 Days In Thailand For Couples Are Totally LIT!

A destination well known for its beaches, Buddhist temples, spa massages, exciting nightlife and yes, shopping. A place famous for its chicken rice and also for being an inexpensive yet very luxurious destination. Any guesses? Yes, Thailand is being talked about and how! The beaches are as beautiful as it gets and the islands are what dreams are made of. Another interesting thing about this more than perfect destination is the culture and this all was what Anvesh was looking for, for his honeymoon and he says 5 days in Thailand for couples are sheer bliss and we couldn’t agree more.

We wanted to take an international trip and when we were shortlisting our options, Thailand seemed like a one in all destination. It was budget friendly and also offered so much to try and explore. From food to locals, the landscapes to our hotels, everything about our honeymoon was nothing but perfect. We had the most hassle-free and comfortable experience. Like all the other couples we wanted our 5 days in Thailand to be the most beautiful experience and the most memorable time of our life and we are happy that it turned out to be exactly that.

The weather was not our best friend on our trip to Thailand. We had a great experience though. The weather in Bangkok was not favourable and pretty hot but that doesn’t ruin 5 days in Thailand for couples for when in love and having the best company, nothing else matters and as we had already checked Bangkok weather in April, we were prepared. And it got so much better when we went to Phuket. As we landed there, it was raining cats and dogs which made us all happy and excited. We took a beach walk in the evening because the weather was absolutely amazing.

Trip Type: Romantic Trip
Cost: INR 48999
Duration: 7 Nights, 6 Days
Inclusions: Sightseeing, Transport, Lunch, Dinner
Exclusions: Visa, Airfare
Travel Agent From TravelTriangle: Journey Routers

Day 1: Arrival; Sightseeing
Day 2: Damnoen Saduak Floating Market; Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise
Day 3: Arrival At Phuket; Leisure
Day 4: Phang Nga Bay
Day 5: Phi Phi Islands

If you are wondering what is there to do for 5 days in Thailand for couples and if it is a destination that one must be spending that much time at, then maybe reading about our experiences would help you. We did 5 exciting things, one each day and that is how balanced out and amazing our trip was.

1. Exploring Safari World

visited to Safari World

fountain show

relaxing to the lake side

 relaxing pool side

Exploring Safai World was one of the best things we did on our 5 days Thailand honeymoon. Safari World is divided into 2 areas. The Park is an open space where one can drive around and explore the wildlife in its natural habitat and there is a Marine Park that houses a zoo, a variety of animal shows, restaurants and more. We began with the Dolphin show and later jumped on to the Orangutan show then the Elephant show and ended it on a high note with the Sea Lion show. Out of these the Orangutan show stole our hearts. We were flabbergasted with the number of Indians present in the park and to our surprise in one of the shows, the show runners played an Indian song to please the audience. After the Marine Park tour ended we explored the Safari Park in our SIC (Seat-in-Coach). It lasted for somewhere around 45 minutes during which we saw tigers, bears, zebras and many more wild animals. They were mostly lazing around trying to get away from the heat. After reaching the hotel, we succumbed to our exhausted selves and just relaxed in the rooftop pool.

2. Shopping At Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

go around the market

Although we were pretty excited to visit the infamous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, we were not particularly thrilled to wake up at 6 in the morning. But the market is situated 85 kilometres off the main city and an early morning vibe is definitely worth it. So we embarked on the journey in a new SIC (Seat-in-Coach) and then a decorated long-tail boat until we reached the market. The boat driver slows down to let you appreciate the winding waterways and get a brief glimpse of the homes situated alongside the river. The market has lots of shops selling overpriced fruits, souvenirs both sides of canal. But the experience was authentic and mind blowing. Paddle Boats are needed to go around the market.

Paddle Boats

Cost For 4 People: 900 Baht (INR 2105)

Cost For 2 People: 700 Baht (INR 1637)

3. Rejuvenating At Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise

enjoying the sunset

at the patong beach

Spending some time at a cruise was one of the most delightful experiences one can have if they are looking for the best things to do in 5 days in Thailand for couples. Tried and tested. Chao Phraya Princess VI was the name of the dinner cruise we went aboard and it was surreal. The experience we had was something we will always remember. Since we had made an early booking, we got the upper deck window seat and the view was lovely. It lasted for roughly 2 hours and the food was a delight. There were tons of options and the host sang Bollywood songs and the mood of the cruise was pleasant. But unfortunately since the Thai King’s coronation was in we were not allowed to see the Wat Arun but nonetheless the experience was one to remember.

4. Trying A Big Boat At Phang Nga Bay

breathtaking view of the james bond island

clicked shot with signature rock

enthralling experience at the island

One of the main reasons we chose Thailand was for its iconic vertical limestone structures coming out of emerald green waters. The past days were just foreplay; this was the reason we came and it was breathtaking. Watching those huge structures created by nature made us feel tiny yet enthralling. Then there was the iconic James Bond Island. Its signature rock was indeed a sight to behold. And the sea canoeing where you enter through a cave and exit a paradise was phenomenal. I tried to capture its essence as much as I can in the video. Do check it out if you plan on spending 5 days in Thailand.

5. A Speed Boat Experience At Phi Phi Islands

at the bike showroom

fall in love with the Phi Phi Islands

the amazing paradise

After enjoying the green waters, the cruise experience and a day of lazing around and relaxing, we entered another kind of sea. I had only seen it in the movies and heard about the deep blue sea. But up close, the serene feeling it gives can only be experienced. It’s not that I can’t explain how it feels like but rather it loses its meaning if I try to put into words. It’s unfortunate what happened to Maya bay. I hope it recovers soon. The snorkeling was not as enjoyable as I imagined but the amazing paradise like views made up for it quite well. We bet you will fall in love with the Phi Phi Islands as it is one of the best places to visit in 5 days in Thailand for couples.

We stayed at the Woraburi Sukhumvit Hotel in Bangkok. It was a 3 star hotel and the services were as we expected. There’s free Wifi and a rooftop pool which was amazing.. It is very close to Nana Plaza for if you are an adventurous bachelor. In Phuket however we stayed in The Deck Condo. It had an amazing balcony view since we booked in the topmost floor and a kitchen with all cooking utensils, induction stove etc. So we cooked our own food from the supplies we had taken from home. It was a bit expensive but totally worth it.

Thailand is a paradise for non-vegetarians. It has so many non-vegetarian options that we were nothing but surprised. However, since we were vegetarians, we had limited options eating outside. But were able to find some really good Indian restaurants here and there. If you know where you are staying, you can use google street view to explore around and if you find restaurants, check the images. Somebody would have definitely posted the restaurant menu. So you won’t be surprised with the prices when you visit there. In Bangkok we visited the Bawarchi Restaurant. The food was good but slightly expensive. When talking about food we suggest that you should definitely try banana pancakes which can be found easily at beachside.

A trip is not complete without buying some souvenirs. But in Thailand they literally overcharge you for everything if you are a tourist. But the thing is they expect you to bargain before you buy anything and everything. In Floating Market there was a shop that sells keychains some of which I really liked and bought too. We bought other souvenirs and shopping was one of the best experiences we had in 5 days in Thailand.

Thailand is home to six international airports and reaching the destination is a slice of cake. It really is that easy and is convenient for 5 days in Thailand for couples. The major and the most important airport in Thailand is the Suvarnabhumi International airport. We booked our flights from Bengaluru to Bangkok and returned from Phuket to Bengaluru. And it was all pretty easy and a hassle free experience.You can do the same.

  • Things rarely go as planned. Its ok to have some small discrepancies.
  • They are part of the trip. When you look back, you will only remember the best parts of your trip.
  • Bargain. It is considered healthy and most people expect you to bargain the prices for the services. But don’t overdo it so as to piss them off.
  • Enjoy every minute of the trip.
  • Do not forget your camera at home for we know you too would love to capture the moments.
  • Keep some of the necessary medicines handy in case of an emergency.

With that Anvesh’s beautiful experience comes to an end. We hope you enjoyed reading about what he had to say. If you did and you too are looking forward to spending some time in Thailand, then we hope what he had to say about 5 days in Thailand for couples made you feel enthralled. If you are looking for a honeymoon in Thailand then check out these customizable options and plan your trip with TravelTriangle.